Here's some help in choosing the right cockroach control products...

Cockroaches are among the dirtiest insects to look at. Making matters worse, they are also the toughest pests to get rid of. If you spot one at home, be assured that there could be more. There could also be a family of an entire colony in your homes, hiding. Get your A-game on and start looking for ways to get rid of cockroaches, as soon as you spot the first one. With several people having asked for help, we decided to make an article on how to choose cockroach control products. This will be handy for those who want to try DIY (Do-It-Yourself) methods. We'll guide you through the process to choose the right cockroach control products. Although, make sure you go in for professional help if these products and tools don't work.

How to choose cockroach control products?

First, think about the type of pesticide you want to use against the cockroaches. Once that it selected, the process to choose the right cockroach control products becomes much easier. There are different types of pesticides including liquid and powder insecticides, while there are also glue traps.

Liquid pesticides

These can be sprayed around the perimeter of your home. It can also be sprayed along the windows and doors, so that all entry points have insecticides on them, repelling cockroaches. However, remember to spray this when the sun isn't at its most powerful. This is because UV rays are aid to decrease the effectiveness of such liquid insecticides. Ensure that you let this solution dry before letting kids or pets near it. It could cause health hazards if touched while still wet. However, you should remember that the gear for liquid insecticides is heavy and will be difficult to carry around your home.

Powder pesticides

While liquid pesticides need to be applied more often, powder ones can be applied once in six months or less. They last longer and this is honestly an easier method to carry out yourself. The application of the powder is also simple. You get varied powder insecticides, some which are fine and some which use larger granules. Make sure you apply the powder in all cracks and crevices outside the home. Silica gel is a good option as it keeps cockroaches as well as other tiny insects away. Make sure the powder doesn't blow away before settling in the cracks and regions applied.

Glue traps

If you are to choose the right cockroach control products yourself, this one is the most satisfying. You can keep checking to see if there are results showing. Glue traps work best if you know exactly where the cockroaches are coming in and out from. Or where they're moving about. Place them at such strategic locations. They use pheromones to attract cockroaches and you can use them alongside liquid or powder insecticides for double protection. However, keep these away from children and pets to avoid unnecessary health hazards.

Professional help

While choosing any of the above methods, there's a lot of precaution you need to take. Plus, we don't have the expertise and knowledge of how exactly the job needs to be done. That's why it's best we contact professional help while trying to get rid of roaches at home. While you might choose the right cockroach control products, you might not be perfect in application. Companies like HiCare specialize in such jobs and we do even better with cockroach control. We recently launched India's first advanced cockroach AMC service which kills cockroaches as well as blocks out ways we have found for them to return. Call HiCare on 8828333888 and get rid of cockroaches right away!