Get Professional Curtain Steam Cleaning Service in Mumbai

curtain steam cleaning service in mumbai

Curtains are possibly the most popular and widely used of all window treatments, and for good reason. They are available in a variety of textures, materials, colours, and patterns to suit any aesthetic needs. Curtains are perhaps amongst the household items which unfortunately receive the least amount of attention even if they are such an integral part of a home.

Curtains are a vital part of the décor process in both homes and offices. They tie up the whole look and feel of the house and determine the overall vibe. These pieces of fabric are more than just a decor element. A curtain steam cleaning helps in maintaining the overall appearance of the entire home.

They are essential for other reasons as well. Adding a barrier between you and the outside world can give you a sense of security and add to your home’s security. The same fabric of security also becomes an object of harm if not maintained properly and washed regularly. That’s why you need curtain steam cleaning for the curtains in your home.

Curtains are incredibly useful because they keep the dust particles out of your rooms. Wind containing dust particles might enter your home when your windows or doors are opened. As a result, having curtains can assist in collecting all of the dust. All this dust that is collected on the fabric must be removed properly. That’s why we recommend a curtain steam cleaning for them.

At HiCare, we are experts in a variety of cleaning techniques, including curtain steam cleaning in your home. We have a legacy of experience serving homes and commercial spaces for about 28 years. Through these years, we have improved on whatever we were falling short and made changes according to our experiences.

We integrate new technologies and tools as per the newest research findings in the hygiene and pest control industry. We also continuously develop innovative techniques to do your home’s cleaning more efficiently so you can trust us without a doubt to treat your home professionally.

Let us help you understand our process of curtain steam cleaning so our transparency can help you get insights into why we are one of the leading hygiene services providers in India. We break it down into three steps. The steps are:

  • Step 1 – Extraction of Loose Dust with HEPA Filter Vacuum
  • Step 2 – Steam application & Sanitisation
  • Step 3 – Extraction of Moisture

It is a one time service and takes about 15 to 20 minutes per unit. At the end of the day, you’ll find that your curtains have been restored to their original state or even appear to be brand new.

We are happy to assist you with all of these cleanups, using different methods depending on the type of materials and colour variations. The only condition there is, is that you need to dry the curtains 2-3 hours after service with help of fan and natural ventilation.

We keep the current situation in mind and have stringent policies in place to give you the safest services. Book our services worry-free as we follow these optimum safety protocols:

  • Regular Temperature, Oximeter Readings & Aarogya Setu Updation
  • Safety Gear worn by experts from head to toe (Mask, PPE kit, Shoe cover)
  • Sanitization at regular intervals for maximum protection.
  • Our experts are vaccinated against the virus so we can serve you healthily.

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Get Professional Curtain Steam Cleaning Service in Mumbai

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