Few Lessons We Learnt About Pests and Pest Control In 2017

Pest Infestations has seen a huge growth in the last couple of years due to changing climatic conditions. The demand for Professional pest management has taken an upward curve over the past few years. Keeping this in mind Hicare, the top professional pest control company in India has upgraded its approach

Pest Infestations has seen a huge growth in the last couple of years. Global Warming, Rise in climatic temperatures, the ever-increasing urbanization and a huge spike in the population in major cities. They have all contributed to the upsurge of the pests within the country. Over the past decade, global warming has been directly responsible for their versatile nature as well as their rise in varied geographical regions. 2017 saw fewer winter days than any other year in the history. Such conditions lead to the increase in lifespan as well as fertility among the insects. With increase in number of pests, humans have become cognizant of the importance of pest control for the well-being. Also of their family as well as their assets. The demand for appropriate management of pests took an upward curve over the past year.

Of late, it has been testified that quite a few of the pests have become immune to Pest Control chemicals. Chemicals that are available in the local market. Keeping this in mind Hicare, the numero uno professional Pest Control company in India has upgraded its approach. That too in line with the constant development in the Insect control industry.

The hot tropical weather of India has been a vital element in the number of mosquito and termite related cases in the metro cities of the country. Malaria in 2017, was one of the major killers in India.Reports in 2017 suggested that almost 90% of the Indian population stay in Malaria prone areas in the country.

In the year 2017, Malaria saw more than a million cases across India with at least 1000 deaths reported. The largest it has been in recent years. With the ever-increasing climatic temperatures across the globe, mosquito related incidents are only going to rise in the near future.

With winter 2017 being one of the coldest in over the decade, the monsoons this year are expected to be as much heavier directly impacting heavily the number of malaria and dengue cases across the country. Rodent and Cockroach Infestation also saw an upward spike in the winter of 2017. These pests during winter are habitually on the lookout for food and shelter to escape the harshness of winter.

Bedbugs, it was recorded, have increased at an alarming rate in 2017 and it is only bound to go up higher in the near future. Global Warming has been solely responsible for the upsurge of bedbugs. They flourish in hot weather while their ability to multiply in such conditions increases manifolds.

The rise in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere has been responsible for longer summer and shorter winter. In case of bedbugs, warmer temperatures mean an increase in the number of their offspring. 2017 also witnessed huge numbers of travels as well as expats pouring into India which only enhanced the bedbug infestation likelihoods.

Hicare Pest Control Services

Keeping the current and the future trends in mind, Hicare has also upgraded the way it deals with pests to tackle them more accurately. A top pest control company in India, Hicare has blended their years of experience with new technologies to deal with the pests efficiently.

Like 2017, 2018 is also going to be a major pest vulnerable year and hence it’s only wise to get a proper pest prevention done before the autumn transpires. Let Hicare be all your answers to any Commercial Pest Control as well as Residential Pest Control related worries. Check our website for various pest control services and if you suspect any of the pests in your house call us on 080-46809272. Because when it comes to pests, you’d rather be safe than sorry.

Few Lessons We Learnt About Pests and Pest Control In 2017

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