Expert tips – Top 5 DIY pest control methods for Termites

You can’t see them but that doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you. Or your walls. Or your furniture. We’re talking about TERMITES

You can’t see them but that doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you. Or your walls. Or your furniture. We’re talking about TERMITES, a species of pests that don’t harm humans much, but our homes. Lakhs of rupees are spent each year in damage control due to termite issues. So, we thought it might be helpful to hand out a few termite control methods that one can adopt himself/herself. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) isn’t always the solution. However, it can help if you spot the problem in the early stages.

Top 5 termite control methods

1) Aloe vera gel

This is the easiest and simplest way to go about DIY termite pest control. Apart from having hundreds of medicinal advantages, aloe vera gel is also used to save your wooden furniture. Pick up the gel from a store or just crush aloe vera and remove the gel. Apply it over your furniture and this will create a barrier that termites cannot cross. Termites will still exist at home, but they won’t hurt your furniture.

2) Soil treatment

This is a slightly tougher job that may need professional help. Basically, a trench is dug around your home and property. Since termites come from the soil, it’s best to do a termite treatment there first. Once dug, it is filled with termite pesticides, which you can get at home improvement stores. The soil is then filled in again. The pesticides will kill existing termites and also those who return to the soil to nest.

3) Wood treatment

Again, this method may require some amounts of help. Wood treatments usually include surface sprays, injected sprays and foams, while also including Borate treated wood. The Borate treated wood is usually used by pest control professionals. While this termite control method is handy, it must be used at the time of construction and home building.

4) Bait systems

You can do this yourself. Or get professional help for the same. Since termites are attracted to cellulose items, you can use wet cardboard for the same. Place a few pieces of wet cardboard at strategic places in the house or around the perimeter. Leave it for a while and see how effective this is as a termite control method. It will attract termites and once they are on the cardboard, make sure you discard of it properly. Discard it away from the house, so there are no chances of termites returning. Bait systems can also be used by professional pest controllers using chemicals instead of cardboard.

5) HiCare’s termite control service

While you can try all the best DIY termite control methods, call the professionals if there’s an infestation. No one knows how to handle termites better than the bug busters themselves. HiCare is India’s best pest control and home hygiene brand. Also, our termite control package is a bestseller. This is for multiple reasons, the major one being the success rate of our ‘Drill-Fill-Seal’ technique. Here, we drill holes at strategic points in the walls, fill them with TERMIN-8 solution and seal up the holes again. This kills existing termites at home, while HiCare also uses the right chemicals to restore the health of your furniture. All this and more begins at just INR 4,500 for a 1 BHK apartment. What’s better is that we offer EMI options and 10% discount on online payments. The sweetest part of the deal is that there’s warranty. After we finish our service, if you see the termites around, call us. We’ll settle the issue without any added costs. Call us on 8828333888 right away! Or check out our services on

Expert tips – Top 5 DIY pest control methods for Termites

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