Expert Tips on Selecting the Best Pest Control Service

Selecting a professional pest control company is necessary & we are here to help you through the process of pest control company selection. Get expert advice on choosing a pest control service provider

Before we dive right into the crux of the matter, let’s strip down to the basics. What is pest control and why do we need to call upon pest control services? Like humans, insects, birds, reptiles and others also require food and shelter. So, they sometimes enter our house for these reasons. While it’s no big deal, we need to get rid of them once they start causing a nuisance. That’s where the need for a quality pest control service arises. If you’ve arrived at this blog, we know you need help selecting the best pest control service provider. You’ve probably tried DIY methods which failed and now, you need expert advice. Pest control brands are available dime a dozen in India but the biggest problem for us as homeowners is choosing the right pest control service.

Selecting best pest control services

Just like you want the best nanny to take care of your child or a hygienic cook to make your meals, you also have to make the right decision while choosing pest control services. This is a daunting task and might involve a little bit of research, but fear not. We are here to help you through the process of pest control service selection.

Check for licensing

Always ensure that the brand you are dealing with has all the required licensing and certifications in place. Local pest controllers lure consumers with lower prices and quick service but use low-quality chemicals for the same. Save yourself by doing a little bit of homework. Ask the company to show license proofs if needed.

Name, brand value, reputation

Yes, these are very important. Everyone knows the difference between a Sachin Tendulkar and a Vinod Kambli. Similarly, brand value matters a lot in pest control service selection. If customers aren’t satisfied, there will be angry reviews online and vice-versa. That’s an important way of gauging the reliability of exterminators in India.

Make sure there are warranties

Every pest control provider will claim that their services will be the best. How do you ensure this? Take a written assurance or warranty from the brand. Selecting pest control services becomes much easier if the company is willing to give you a written guarantee. Example – HiCare solves all queries and complaints after a service at NO ADDED COSTS.

Protect your loved ones

Check the quality of chemicals being used. Local pest control services come with cheap chemicals, which can cause reactions, allergies and sicknesses in human beings. HiCare uses only Government approved Bayer chemicals that are even safe for pets, children and senior citizens at home.

Are repeat services required?

This is an important question while selecting a pest control service. Those who are here to make a quick buck will promise you no requirement of a second service, but this is sometimes this is required. Example – The chemicals being used don’t kill bed bug eggs. So, the second service is required after 15 days once the eggs are hatched.


This is one of the biggest concerns in pest control service selection. Extremely low pricing should be an immediate red flag. Look at HiCare’s competitive pricing where a dengue mosquito service is available starting at INR 1,390 and a termite treatment begins at INR 4,500. We also offer EMI options and further discounts on all online payments. We hope you liked our expert tips for selecting a pest control service and if you go by these tips, you should have a healthy home in no time. If you need assistance from the best in the business, call HiCare at 8828333888 or visit our website for more details!

Expert Tips on Selecting the Best Pest Control Service

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