Ever Wondered Which Pests 'Pest Control' Can Manage?

Read that question again. And again. And again. Let us reiterate it for you. It asked you what pest can pest control manage? With modern-day technology and research and innovation, there isn't anything we haven't accomplished. It's fair enough to ask a question back, 'Which pest can pest control not manage?' Don't you agree? Let's dive deeper into this conversation and you'll know why we say that. In olden days and even a couple of decades ago, people tried all sorts of home remedies. However, like humans, pests also evolved. They knew how to get around certain substances that harmed their growth. They even became immune to some elements that killed them in years gone by. It reached such a point that if your house was plagued with bed bugs, so be it. If you were plagued with termites, keep cleaning and throwing them out until they come back again. What happened then? Pest control professionals happened. Combining research and technology, cures were identified to every pest issue. Today, pest control is our first choice when we face pest issues, and not age-old DIY (Do It Yourself) methods.

What pest can pest control manage?

Regardless, if we have to break it down to you, we will. Let's look at HiCare for example. This is a brand which has grown to become India's top pest control and home hygiene company. With easy accessibility and coverage across the country, we have become very trustworthy and reliable. Let's check out what pests HiCare in particular manages:

  • Termites

Our termite control package is a bestseller and why wouldn't it be? The unique 'Drill-Fill-Seal' technique is used by none other. What this does is drills holes in strategic places. Then, they're filled with government approved TERMIN-8 solution which is safe for family members. Further, these holes are blocked and sealed with white cement. This kills existing termites and doesn't allow room for new ones. The package begins at INR 4,500 for a 1BHK home.

  • Bed bugs

These creepy crawlies take away our sleep at night, but HiCare can take them away from your homes altogether. After a thorough inspection, HiCare technicians use a mild odour spray in strategic and infested areas. These will kill the bed bugs but a Round 2 is needed for sure. This is because bed bug eggs can be killed only after hatching. The package begins at just INR 3,690!

  • Cockroaches

Recently, HiCare launched India's first Advanced Cockroach Management service which includes triple protection. Apart from the regular gel and spray treatment, two value added services have been added. Kitchen drain cleaning and the provision of cockroach repellent mint fragrance garbage bags will ensure no more cockroaches. This treatment starts at INR 5,175 for a 2BHK home.

  • Mosquitoes

The monsoon season brings in mosquitoes due to stagnant water and plenty of diseases. We know this is an issue that's why our mosquito treatment service begins at just INR 1,395. This dengue mosquito treatment follows a 3-step routing to ensure that no more mosquitoes will trouble you this monsoon.

  • Wood borers and rodents

Destruction of wood and wooden furniture can cost you repair expenses in thousands of rupees. Instead, why not use our service for just INR 2,600 and get rid of these pests? Also, you will be protecting your furniture from added damage as well. This is thanks to our wood preservation chemicals. The best part of these services is that all make use of only the best quality Bayer chemicals. If you are suffering from a pest issue of any type, now's the time to call 8828333888 and book yourself a home improvement service right away!