Earth Friendly Approach To Pest Control- An Essential Guide

Eco-friendly pest control or green pest control is getting more popular. Because people are becoming aware of the danger of hazardous chemicals towards humans and towards the earth. Secondly dangerous chemicals and pesticides often stay on plants and get mixed with earth or seep into the ground water-table, exposing our food and drink to these harmful chemicals. Thirdly many pests: insects, bacteria, and fungi are getting pesticide-resistant (maybe due to over-use, over the years). Pesticide-makers and pest specialists, as well as research scientists, have been experimenting with better products and newer technologies: to wipe out pests with low effects on people and nature. They are proactively and persistently designing better, eco-friendly pesticide to eliminate pests while safeguarding people and environments. Chemical spray solutions (chemical drift) can cause skin and eye irritation and allergies or breathing problems. There is a ban on spray pesticides in use earlier as they can harm plant, animals and nature too. How do you eliminate pests in or around the home without harming the environment? Pest management with eco-friendly pest control or biological pest control is the answer. You can use all-natural ingredients that are biodegradable. It is very important that we respect the earth: our beautiful, benevolent, planet-home that keeps on nourishing life. Eggshells are good for growing roses and also deter slugs and beetles. Soap, garlic, citronella, lemon, gross, Tulsi (basil) and mint (peppermint) keep many pests at bay. In fact, bay-leaves ever kill pests on ingestion. Coffee grounds, chili pepper or paprika powder and camphor (mothballs) ward away pests. Use each ingredient for a specific pest.

Trap, Heat Machines and Botanical Pesticides

Snap traps are a good way to get rid of rodents. You can use rolled oats, peanut butter or cheese as bait. It is very difficult to get rid of bedbugs: modern heat machines will eliminate them without risk to your family. Organic oils like lavender, lemongrass, and citronella; as well as geranium and peppermint oil, ground cinnamon or cloves drive away ants, wasps, and mosquitoes. Remember dirt and leftover foods attract pests. Get rid of crumbs and spills quickly! Sweep and mop your house daily with phenol, detergent or organic solutions. Do not leave dirty dishes overnight in the sink. De-clutter your house, cover dustbins and make sure you don't leave water in vases or buckets. They attract mosquitoes to breed there. Pest prevention is preferable to pest management. Mattress and pillow encasements of plastic or vinyl materials with a zip will keep bedbugs away. Plastic containers keep moths away from stored linen.

Eco-Friendly Solar Powered Repellents

Solar powered repellents save money and protect the environment. Several pest control companies offer these new, innovative products. They install spike with a solar panel in the ground. It collects energy from the sun and converts it to power. The spike vibrates with the solar power and scare away small vermin like snakes, moles, rats, and such-likes. Nowadays, professional pest control service companies also use safe, eco-friendly pest control products and processes.

How to Ensure an Earth-Friendly Approach.

  • Inspection: A professional pest control expert will discover the pests in your home; their hiding places, cracks, fissures, nooks, and crevices that need to be sanitized and sealed. He will tell you what kind of pests, where they are breeding and where/how they are feeding.
  • Source and shatter removal: They will tackle waste, garbage, wet walls, damp wood, cellulose and any other sources of food and for pest.
  • Debarring pests: An expert will tell you about the specific spots that are vulnerable to pest infestation. He will show you all the areas/habits/habitats that will attract bugs, termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats or ants.
  • A pest control expert will use safe chemicals in safe dosages where most needed. He will keep pets, children, and seniors safe from pesticide nuisance (sensible utilization).
  • A final checkup: will ensure a pest-free home.