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Bengaluru is the IT capital of India. The tropical savanna climate in this city causes distinct wet and dry seasons. Pest control here is very important as occasional heat waves make insects scurry away to search for shelter in the home.

What is herbal pest control?

Chemical pesticides are brilliant for killing a certain type of pest. These synthetic compounds, however, are made to kill a certain type of pest only. This means that it could cause serious harm to other living organisms like human beings or pets. Enter herbal pest control. Herbal or non-chemical pesticides are derived from naturally occurring plants and/or herbs. These pesticides are not just family-friendly but also eco-friendly. Over the past few years, the demand for herbal pest control services in Bangalore has risen leaps and bounds.  HiCare has been the go-to-entity for this purpose. Herbal pest control in Bangalore is something that plenty of pest control brands are now offering. However, not all of them may serve your purpose. Most of the 'pest Ghostbusters' in Bangalore aren't licensed and certified. Whereas, HiCare is ahead in all certifications. We also understand that pest control has to be safe for children, pets, senior citizens and those with allergies.

Choosing the right provider in Bangalore

In the wake of heavy industrialization in the city, cockroaches have become a common feature in the city's houses and office premises. With families wanting to get rid of this issue as well as protect their family members, herbal cockroach control in Bangalore is something many people are considering. We advise you to ask the pest control experts to use child-friendly products to keep your home and family safe. No one needs to tell HiCare that. Our trained technicians are experts in surveying your homes and providing the appropriate targetted treatment. HiCare applies this gel in strategic locations. Your substitute for herbal pest control for cockroaches. We ensure no one else in the home is harmed by this method of pest control. The city is also one of the most fast-moving ones in India, so you may also worry about the pest control Bangalore prices. Once again, worry not. Head over to or give us a call on 8828333888 and you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices we have to offer. Herbal pest control in Bangalore is not uncommon but finding the right service provider is uncommon. With HiCare, we look at destroying your problems from the roots, and not temporary solutions. Whether cockroaches or herbal treatment for bed bugs in Bangalore, you are covered. We also provide solutions for mosquitoes, termites, rodents, ants, birds and much more.

Safety first - for your family

With satisfied customers in over 30 cities across India, HiCare is your solution if considering herbal pest control in Bangalore. We have hundreds of testimonials from happy homeowners from all across the city. Whether in search of best pest control for bed bugs in Bangalore or for other forms of pesticide control in Bengaluru. Asthma, neurological problems, and birth defects in babies are some of the many issues you could face if you avail services from unlicensed pest control service providers using faulty products. HiCare on the other hand only uses Government approved products. If not cockroaches and mosquitoes, we can also provide you with the best bed bugs solutions in Bangalore. Now, remember, while this city is beautiful and quickly developing, never neglect the condition of your homes. If you sight pest issues, give us a call and set up an appointment with our engineers. This will ensure you allow no further damage to your property or your health. If you are against chemical use, we will also offer unmatched herbal pest control service.


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