Cleanliness: The shortest route to perfect health

Who hasn't heard the famous quote 'prevention is better than cure', in such simple words it explains one of the most vital lessons of life. The lesson that all of us mostly tend to forget. It is the reason why so many of us nowadays suffer from diseases and disorders. All of us know that the easiest way to prevent obesity and heart diseases is by changing our food habits; we also know that personal hygiene and cleanliness has an immense impact upon our basic health. Yet these are the facts that we generally ignore. We are totally trapped inside our own busy fast paced lives where even a slight change never comes without difficulty. But, to our relief, there are some changes that aren't that hard to achieve. Home deep cleaning is one such big change.

From Mahatma Gandhi to Narendra Modi so many important leaders of the nation have emphasized upon the importance of cleanliness. They have projected it as the big change in the society. It can indeed be the big change in the society. But like all the other changes this change also begins at home.

Most of us spend our bulk amount of time either at our workplace or at our homes. It is the environment of these two places that has the most immediate effect upon our health. Though we try to maintain a basic level of cleanliness at both these places, there's a lot that we miss. We cannot clean everything everyday. Places like the ones under our furniture, the ceiling and walls of our house are always left out no matter how hard we try. In time dirt and dust accumulates in such places which not only makes them appear dirty but can also become the cause of many harmful diseases. Even common diseases like gastroenteritis, cold and flu, skin infections etc can be caused just by our lack of hygiene and sanitation. So, to avoid this situation, we must from time to time perform a whole house deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning house is something that most of us already know about, it involves a thorough brushing, scrubbing and sanitizing of the entire house. It is necessary that we deep clean house at least once in three months. After once deep cleaning the house we can be assured that certain portions of our home won't require a cleaning for a long time. It is a lengthy process if we do it on our own. Home deep cleaning on our own would definitely require at least one whole day. We have to brush the walls, ceiling and floor of the entire house and along with that we have to move our furniture in order to clean the places that are covered by it. It is more than just that, its only after we start with it that we discover what a great task deep cleaning house is. And only after we are finished with it that we find out what a great effect home deep cleaning can have.

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