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cleaning services to keep your kitchen clean in the summer

Believe it or not, the summer heat takes a heavy toll on the kitchen and pantry area, and that’s why it is essential to treat these areas with professional kitchen deep cleaning services. It is not frequent throughout the year; your kitchen needs a bit of extra love and care during the summer season. In the pre-Covid world, summer stood for vacation, which means parents’ cooking in the kitchen. With that being said, we will tell you why Kitchen Cleaning Services are necessary and how you can find the best one.

3 Most Important Reasons of Kitchen Cleaning in Summer

Before diving deep into the Kitchen Cleaning Services, you may have your own set of doubts and queries, which is quite natural. As Indians, we always need a couple of solid reasons before signing up for any product or service. Spilling out the same, we have listed the three most important reasons your home needs deep cleaning services during the summer months:

  1. The kids are at home! As we stated above, in India, summer meant vacation before the Covid-19 outbreak. As kids are now at home, moms and dads need to spare some time and give it to their children. This could lead to you cutting out some time from the other household chores, including kitchen cleaning. As summer vacation lasts for 3 to 4 months, you can’t skip kitchen cleaning every day. However, there are possibilities that after a point, you have to choose between the time you give to your child and the time you spend in your kitchen, as ignoring the latter could be a nightmare for you in the long run.
  2. Summer comes with its own mess! Well, this is not much surprising for anyone. We all know that each season needs specific prep in India before it hits, so is summer. Much to your surprise, the population of pests such as cockroaches sees a rise during summer. During the winter season, cockroaches find warm places to live. Plus, the summer months are also the breeding season for cockroaches. As they love to stay in a mess, your summer kitchen could attract them quite well, which will give you a tough time in the next season.
  3. Cleaning can keep your space organised! Summertime is that time of the year when you want to put your ac on and lay in your bed as long as you can, along with some cool drinks. The heat and humidity of the season, plus the heat produced during the cooking process, could make you skip the cleaning regime sometimes. However, if you have already subscribed for kitchen deep cleaning services, you can save a lot of time and effort.

Now, the question that may make rounds in your head could be – how to find Kitchen Cleaning Services near me. Well, giving you a reality check, getting your hands on the best would not be as easy as typing Kitchen Cleaning Services near me. You have to invest a little more time and effort to find the ideal one. With the best Kitchen Cleaning Services, home maintenance would be the last thing you want to worry about in the summertime.

Top Facts to Consider before Booking Kitchen Cleaning Services

Here are a few aspects you should consider before booking a service slot with any hygiene company that provides Kitchen Cleaning Services. Scroll down to take a look at them:

  1. The Budget: You might be looking for this sort of service for the first time. However, do your research and set a particular budget for it. Take out your calculator and do the math to establish an estimated cost you would like to spend on the cleaning services.
  2. The Service: Well, although you have made a budget, always keep room for increment if the service has more to offer than what you expected. The cost varies from company to company, and several other factors.
  3. Time: Interestingly, we may have listed number three, but it is as important as the first on the list; the old saying goes, time is money! Check with the potential company how much time their professional will take to conduct the service. Check your schedule and see if your timing and the service’s time align. Make sure you don’t end up taking a leave from the office because the professional knocked on your door.
  4. Safety: The whole point of enrolling on the kitchen deep cleaning service is to provide safety to our loved ones during summertime. On top of it, considering that we are still fighting against a global pandemic, it is essential that whoever is entering our space is not a threat to our family in any sense. Check out the potential company’s policy for Covid-19 protocols. Also, ask them about the adverse effects of products and chemicals used in their service.

About HiCare

If a company ticks all the boxes listed above, it is good to go. One such is HiCare. We at HiCare provide various hygiene solutions, from pest control to home deep cleaning services. With a legacy of 28 years, our cleaning partners have served more than a million customers. We provide customised solutions that are effective and fit the budget.

Key Features of HiCare’s Kitchen Cleaning Services

  • Before starting with the procedure, we inspect the entire premise thoroughly along with the customer consultation. Our experts listen and answer all the queries and doubts of our customers.
  • In our three-step service, we clean the kitchen tops, cabinets, cupboards and trolleys. In the second step, clean all the electric appliances externally, including wet wiping. In the third and last step, our technicians mop scrub the floors.
  • The entire process of our three-step service takes around 3-4 hours; the time varies depending on the size of the kitchen and type of service.
  • We provide an additional discount of 5% on our Kitchen Cleaning Service if the customer makes an online payment.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Our service has more to offer than mentioned here. Visit HiCare’s official website to get more details of the same.

Cleaning Services to Keep Your Kitchen Clean in the Summer | HiCare

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