Choosing between Herbal OR Chemical Pest Control...

Safety and health of our family and homes are of utmost importance. Sometimes we find pest invasions which threaten that safety. And that's when we have to make the important decision of choosing pest control. However, many people contemplate choosing between herbal or chemical pest control. This is because they believe herbal pest control service selection could lead to fewer side effects. It's a common perception that chemical pest control will lead to allergies and other side effects in children, pets and others at home. Chemical pest control involves synthetic compounds that are manufactured to kill or control these pests. Because of this, the harsh compounds used in chemical pest control could sometimes cause harm to the non-targeted organisms as well. The herbal vs chemical pest control argument is a newer one, as the herbal or natural methods have only recently entered the market. While chemical pesticides are said to be more efficient, herbal pesticides tend to be odourless and harmless in terms of side effects. They also avoid unnecessary air pollution and safeguard the environment.

Herbal vs Chemical Pest Control

Let's continue the discussion. Herbal pest control service selection is good as the products are derived from naturally occurring plants and herbs. Chemical pest control tends to be harsher to humans and the environment, but they provide results way faster. Herbal insect repellents cause fewer side effects, but there isn't much awareness about these methods. Additionally, herbal pest control service selection usually involves more painstaking preparations.

Examples of herbal pest control service selection:

  • Canola oil - works effectively against household ants.
  • Garlic oil - works against birds and common household insects.
  • Lemongrass - helps keep disease-spreading mosquitoes away.
  • Cedarwood oil - used for preserving wood and controlling termites.

Pros of herbal pest control service selection

All of these above methods can be prepared at home without spending a lot of money. You can go online, research some steps to rid insects using household methods and use them. They will successfully keep your pests away. Moreover, they degrade easily. Not only are these safe for humans, but these also don't persist in our environment for too long, making it safe to dispose of once used.

Cons of herbal pest control

How much time do we have in our day to day lives? Surely not enough to sit down and plan our weapons against small pests like mosquitoes and cockroaches and ants. While they are cheaper, they are time-consuming and time, as we all know, is precious nowadays. Additionally, herbal methods are more often than not, just repellents. They keep insects away. They don't rid them altogether. They are often just temporary solutions and with pests, we need permanent solutions.

So, herbal or chemical pest control?

I think this article answers all your doubts as to what pest control method you should opt for. Chemical pest control gets the job done with ease. Yes, you may have to pay a fee for it, but at least you can get your night's sleep after it's done. There are a few harms to humans if they come in contact with the chemicals. However, when professional pest controllers come into the picture they not only use government approved chemicals but also the right dosage in the right zones while the application of these chemicals in spaces where people are around. Nowadays, there are many options for pest control in the country. The competition has inspired HiCare to grow to the top and that's why customers all across the country praise our pest control services. From rodents to cockroaches to mosquitoes and much more, we have permanent fixes to all your pest problems. All you must do is give us a call at 8288333888 or ask you virtual assistant Alexa to help you through the process. Easy peasy!