Bed Bugs Bugging You Even While Flying!

bed bugs bugging you even while flying

Bugs come in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as different lengths, widths and colours. Is there anyone in the world that enjoys these bugs, though? Definitely not. A ‘bug’ is a slang word typically used for an insect, for people who don’t know what we’re talking about. This creepy crawlies aren’t exactly appealing, especially if they’re the kind that may damage us.

We’ll talk about ‘bed bugs on the plane’ today. Bug-infested locations, such as sewage, waste dumps, marshy lands, and other similar sites, are normally avoided. Bugs can be found in public locations as well as in our own homes. While bugs outside are uncontrollable, individuals adopt a variety of strategies to keep pests out of their houses. Mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, termites, and other insects are among these pests.

Bed bugs on the plane!

  1. What was the Matter?
  2. Pay 2 Lakh Ticket Price to Get Bitten!
  3. No Way Out!
  4. What could They have Done Differently?

1. What was the Matter?

A leading Indian airline was in the news after customers complained about bed bugs on the flight. A consumer complained to India’s Civil Aviation Minister via Twitter. The Newark to Mumbai flight was visibly infected with bugs, according to the tweet. Who knew we’d have a problem with bed bugs on a plane?

For himself, his wife, and their two children, a customer purchased business-class tickets from Newark to Mumbai. According to the story, the family suffered during the 17-hour travel, while other passengers complained about bed bugs on the plane. The mother of the two children discovered her children crying for the duration of the journey. She discovered bed bug bites all over their bodies when she raised their garments.

The younger of the two youngsters was the most affected. The airline has received complaints about the same earlier in the week, according to reports. They elected to do nothing about it, though, and are now in serious danger. It was the airline’s most expensive flight, and the bedbug infestation was discovered in the business-class section.

2. Pay 2 Lakh Ticket Price to Get Bitten!

Business-class return tickets from Newark to Mumbai cost at least Rs.2 lakh each, and consumers were still harassed after paying that much. On Twitter, the airline responded to this particular passenger, stating that the plane’s issues had been reported to the maintenance department. He responded that it was ‘TOO LATE.’ Bug infestations in local and outstation trains, as well as buses, have been reported frequently in India.

A bug infestation in a premium flight, on the other hand, is unheard of. To be honest, it’s a terribly shameful situation because nothing was done previously, the airline will now face much more problems. It is unclear what action will be taken in response to the bed bug problem on planes.

“The worried mother removed the eight-month-old infant’s clothes and discovered multiple bite marks all over,” according to a source. The insider continued, “Bed bugs were seen crawling even on the white tablecloth when it was being cleaned.” This clearly does not bode well for the airline in the issue.

3. No Way Out!

As noticed during landing, both of the customer’s girls were weeping and one was bleeding. To avoid bed bugs, the family spent their time seeking seats in economy class. The airline’s spokeswoman stated that they will ‘investigate’ the situation and respond accordingly.

All passengers on board the flight to Mumbai were disturbed and upset by this episode. To begin with, it’s a long flight. Second, bed bugs are impossible to avoid on an aircraft. There are no options. Finally, this occurred after a roughly four-hour flight delay. A flight scheduled to depart at 6 p.m. actually took off at 9:55 p.m.

On this flight, we’re sure no one would have been happy. While they may now contact the maintenance department, the airline may be ‘too late.’ This issue has been brought to the attention of the entire country, and sales will undoubtedly decline.

4. What could They have Done Differently?

Most people may wonder if they could have handled the situation better. There certainly was. Pest control services are frequently mentioned in both residential and commercial settings. However, it appears that aircraft may also require the services of exterminators. Routine calls to a professional bed insect pest control agency would have prevented all of this unwanted PR for the airline.

The majority of bugs will seek cover and concealment. You might not notice them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Yes, a routine call to a pest control business would have ensured that pests didn’t make an appearance on their flights. It would have prevented infants from wailing and bleeding on board such a well-known carrier.

HiCare: Best Bed Bugs Control Service Provider

Now that the situation has passed, the airline will be held accountable for its negligent behaviour. However, this will serve as a wake-up call for other airlines and service-related businesses. Hotels, restaurants, and other businesses will take extra precautions to avoid having bug problems. Bugs infections can be avoided anywhere with regular maintenance and calls to pest control services like HiCare.

As a responsible hygiene solution provider company, we have a scientifically-designed plan to control Bed Bug infestation. Some of the key features of our pest control plan for bed bugs are as follows:

  • Our experienced and knowledgeable hygiene specialists locate bed bugs’ hiding places.
  • To get rid of bed bugs, a light odour spray is injected, followed by another service after 15 days.

Because you never know where bed bugs come from, and to avoid a recurring Bed Bug infestation, consult HiCare specialists for the best bed bug treatment option for you.

Bed Bugs Bugging You Even While Flying!

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