Bed bugs bugging you even while flying?!

You get bugs in various shapes and sizes, various lengths and breadths, and various colours as well. However, is there anyone in this world who likes these bugs? Certainly not. For those who don't know what we're talking about, a 'bug' is a slang used for an insect. This creepy crawlies are not a pleasant site, especially if they are the types who can cause us harm. Today, we will talk about 'bed bugs on plane.' People generally try to stay away from bug-infested areas such as sewage, garbage dumps, marshy lands, and other such places. Sometimes, we find bugs in public places and sometimes even in our homes. While bugs outdoors are uncontrollable, people use countless ways and methods to prevent bugs in their homes. These bugs include mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, termites and much more.

Bed bugs on plane!

In a recent news update, a premier Indian air carrier is in the limelight after passengers complained of bed bugs on the flight. A customer took to Twitter earlier to complain to India's Civil Aviation Minister. The tweet clearly mentioned that the Newark to Mumbai flight was infested with bugs. Bed bugs on plane - Who knew we'd have such an issue! A customer booked business-class tickets from Newark to Mumbai for himself, his wife and two children. According to the story, the 17-hour flight was 'suffering' for the family, while other passengers also complained about the bed bugs on plane issues. The mother of the children found her kids crying through most of the flight. When she lifted up their clothes, she found their bodies full of bed bug bites. The younger of the children was worse affected among the two. Link1, Link 2 According to reports, the airline had received complaints regarding the same earlier in the week. However, they chose to do nothing about it and have now landed in severe trouble. It was the airline's premium flight and what's worse is that this bedbug infestation was found in the business-class section.

Pay 2 lakh to get bitten?

Business-class return seats between Newark to Mumbai cost no less than Rs.2 lakh each, and after paying so much, these customers were still harassed. The airline replied to this particular customer on Twitter, saying the be bugs on plane problem has been reported to the maintenance department. However, he replied saying it's 'TOO LATE'. In India, we've often heard of bug infestations in local and outstation trains, and even sometimes in buses. However, a bug infestation in a premium aircraft is something unheard of. It's something very shameful, to be honest. Having not done something about it earlier will lead to greater issues now for the airline. What action will be taken about the bed bugs on plane issue is not clear as yet. "As the eight-month-old infant had been crying, the distressed mother removed the child's clothes and found numerous bite marks all over," said a source. "Bed bugs were seen crawling even on the white tablecloth while it was being cleared." added the source. Clearly, this doesn't sound too good for the airline in question.

No escape!

Both the customer's daughters were left crying and one even bleeding, as discovered during landing. The family spent their time looking for seats in economy class, to avoid the bed bugs. A spokesperson of the airline said that they will 'investigate' the matter and revert accordingly. This incident harassed and enraged all the passengers onboard the flight to Mumbai. Firstly, it's a long flight. Secondly, you can't escape from these bed bugs on plane. There's nowhere to go. Thirdly, this happened after the flight was delayed for nearly 4 hours. A 6 pm take-off flight ended up taking off at 9:55 pm. We're sure no one would've been a happy passenger on this flight. While they may now contact the maintenance department, it may truly be 'too late' for the airline. This matter has been brought out in front of the entire country and sales will definitely drop.

What should they have done?

Most may wonder if they could've done something differently in this case. Well, there surely was. We've often heard of pest control services in residences and commercial properties. However, it looks like flights may be needing to call the exterminators as well. Routine calls with a local bed bug pest control service brand would've avoided all this unnecessary negative publicity for this airline. Most bugs tend to find themselves some shelter and hideaway. You may not see them but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Yes, a regular call with a pest control company would've ensured that bugs didn't pop up on their flights. It would've avoided the situation of infants crying and bleeding on board such a popular carrier. Now, the incident is already in the past and the airline will face the music for their irresponsible behaviour. However, this will now be an eye-opener for other airlines and other companies in the service sector as well. Hotels, restaurants, and other services will be very careful ensure they don't have a bug issue. Timely maintenance and calls to pest control services like HiCare will help avoid bugs, bites, and diseases anywhere.