Basic Sofa Cleaning Tips for Those with Time Constraints

How to clean the sofa at home?Is this question troubling you as you see the festival time approaching? With Raksha Bandhan just a couple of days away, it is that time of the year when you might expect lots of guests at your place for a get-together. Having a neat and clean sofa to welcome them is all that you may look for, along with some good food. Isn't it? 

With a busy lifestyle these days, we hardly have time to clean the sofas and if we do spare some time, we want the best results. For this, we are here to help you by sharing some useful sofa cleaning tips that work!

4 Easy Sofa Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Whether it's your concern about how to clean sofa stainsor how to remove bacteria and foul odor from your sofa, the following tips will help you regain the lost beauty of your sofa set:


  1. Vacuum the Surface Dust and Debris: The quickest way to remove the surface dust and debris from a sofa is by using a vacuum cleaner. It will help collect all the dust and dirt from the upper surface of the sofa. 
  2. Clean with Liquid Dish Washing Solution: Your dish washing liquid is powerful to deal with sofa stains. Yes, you heard us right. Use a cloth dipped in liquid dish washing solution to wipe away the stains from your sofa fabric. 
  3. Clean with Baking Soda and White Vinegar Solution: An easy way to clean the sofa is using a solution of baking soda and white vinegar. It is an incredible and effective remedy to clean stains from your sofa. Many sofa cleaning professionals also use this solution to remove stains from their client’s sofa.
  4. Brush Away the Furs and Lint: If you have pets at home, then chances are high that your sofa may be full of pet fur. These pet furs are hard to remove, especially from suede and velvet sofa materials. Try brushing the sofa to get rid of not just the fur but also lint. 

How to Clean Different Types of Sofas?

Sofas are made of different types of fabrics, and naturally, no one way is enough to clean all types of sofa fabrics. So here's your chance to learn how to clean sofas based on their fabrics.


  1. Cotton Fabric Sofas: If you have cotton fabric sofas, make sure to regularly dust them to keep them neat and clean. To remove stains and spots on cotton fabric sofas, try to wash the fabric in a gentle cleanser and dry it under shade. If the fabric is not detachable, try cleaning it using a water-resistant solvent. 
  2. Leather Sofas: Cleaning leather sofas is not that tough. Leather is a stain-resistant fabric. However, if you have kids at home, chances are that your leather sofa might have numerous pencil or crayon marks. Use a gentle cleanser to clean such spots from the surface of your leather sofas. 
  3. Suede Sofas: Fortunately, suede too is stain-resistant. You can easily clean a suede sofa with a vacuum cleaner. You may also wipe off stains, if any, using a gentle cleanser on this kind of sofa fabric. 
  4. Sunbrella Fabric Sofas: The easiest sofa fabric to clean is Sunbrella. All you need is to wash or bleach it, depending on the type of stains. Also note that Sunbrella fabric quickly dries up after a wash. 
  5. Velvet Sofas: The lost royal look of your velvet sofa can be regained by simple brushing. In case you have some stains on your velvet sofas, you can clean them using a solution of a few drops of dishwasher liquid dissolved in two cups of warm water. 

 How to Clean Sofa Stains?

The next part of our discussion is all about tips to clean different types of sofa stains. So get ready to learn these shortcuts:

  1. Curry or Alcohol Stains: At times we accidentally drop curry or hard drinks that we enjoy sitting on a sofa. You can clean such stains using a damp cloth first by blotting the material. Then wipe it off gently using a water and detergent solution. 
  2. Tea, Milk or Coffee Stains: If your kids or the elderly leave your sofa with some milk, tea or coffee stains, worry not. Try removing such sofa stains using a paper towel to blot the stain. If the stain doesn’t disappear, go for dry cleaning. 
  3. Lipstick Stains: Finding it hard to deal with lipstick marks on your sofa? Try to blot away the stain using a paper towel. Do not try to wipe it off, else it would spread all across the fabric. You can remove lipstick stains using household ammonia and then wash them off with a mild detergent-water solution. 
  4. Grease or Oil Stains: Grease or oil marks are the toughest stains to remove from any fabric, and the worry is more if it is on a sofa fabric. Try to remove such oil stains from your expensive sofa by using detergent dissolved in hot water. Apply the solution and leave it on for half an hour, and then try to scrub away the stain. 


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