Are cockroaches bad for asthma?

Cockroaches and Asthma Cockroaches aren't just bad to look at but turns out they are bad for your health as well, especially if someone in your is asthmatic. 

How do Cockroaches Affect Your Asthma

Cockroaches also produce allergens that can aggravate your asthma and cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive and get allergic reactions quickly. The allergens that cockroaches produce are likely concentrated in their fecal matter and in parts of their body parts. These tiny particles can become airborne and contaminate the air in around your home, which if you are an asthmatic, know that airborne anything is not a good sign. In a recent study done by The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, they assessed whether there was any correlation between reducing the number of cockroaches at home with reduced asthma attacks. They took 102 children with moderate to severe asthma. The researchers found out that reducing cockroaches at home was associated with improved asthma outcomes. The children who lived in homes with cockroach control, they had significantly fewer days with asthma symptoms, had better lung function, and less asthma-related health care management had to be done.

Where do you find these Cockroach Allergens?

Cockroaches don't really need to be present for there to be cockroach allergen in your home, meaning even without any infestation, your health could be at danger. One in five homes with no history of cockroach infestation have seen to have a high level of allergens in dust and their fabrics. The concentrations of these allergen are generally highest in kitchen areas where there is large quantities of food and water that enable cockroach infestations. However, surprisingly enough even in bedroom the allergen concentrations seems to be on the higher side. People tend to spend more time in their bedroom where they can inhale the allergens that have settled into their pillow, blankets, bed sheets and curtains.

How to Manage Cockroaches and Asthma at the same time?

Asthma is a complex with multiple factors that could trigger its onset. Exposure to cockroaches in the home has shown to have severe asthma outcomes and reducing this exposure to cockroaches day in and day out is important for your asthma management strategy. So you have two options: Move out or Cockroach Control, if moving to a new, cockroach-free-now-but-soon-could-get-infested-later house seems a bit extreme, try HiCare's 3X Cockroach Control. It's an easy, short and long-term solution to your cockroach problems and a step closer to make breathe easy. Book HiCare's proven and India's first 3X Cockroach Control. Visit or CALL 8828 333 888 (9 am to 7 pm).