Why You Should Not Skip Pest Control In Winters

With all the fog and cold breeze around, we might keep pest control in winters at rest. But the cold weather is perfect for pests to hide in your warm and toasty home. The attic indoor is pleasant for those pesky critters to hibernate and attack your adobe, rest of the year. Winter is the time for nature to take rest but not for crawling critters. Pests like rodent, cockroaches, spider, etc can enter underfoot for the warmth shelter. The warm comforts of your house help them multiply and grow further. These results into harmful side effects on health, damage of property and much more.

You might think, many insects die during winter but they leave behind their egg cases. This means not only they replace with new gen but a new army is ready to attack your homes in summer. The harsh cold breeze doesn't affect those insects or termites that are hidden in your walls. Every nook and corner of your home becomes harborage for pests to escape the cold. Don't lay-off on pest control services during winters. Give a head start for a healthy and pest-free life in winters.

Here are few reasons to continue pest control in winters

  1. Rodents will enter your home through all entry points for the comforting warm temperature. They spread their infestation with its greasy fur coat that affects your health through diseases like Salmonella.

  2. Even after a regular clean-up of your home, only the spider webs or dirty nests are eliminated. But the accumulated egg cases might re-emerge and attack your home in summer.

  3. Unlike other pests, bed bugs don't hibernate in winter. They are pro-active and vigilant as long as there is a food source. Their infestation can bring out anxiety or result in restless nights.

  4. Vegetables are likely to get infested the most in winter months. The outer infestation can be invisible but lead to harmful diseases like Hantavirus.

  5. A meticulous attic inspection is necessary to prevent the entry points as well as other pest-related issues.

  6. Lack of pest control in winters might also lead to short-circuit due to electrical wire or wallboard chewing.

Remember winter is not the ideal month to save your money on pest control services. Saving on pest control can lead to expensive medical inconvenience. Don't let the crawling critters or mice running in your home. Get a professional pest-control done to ensure your home remains pest or rodent-free this winter. If you hear the sound of scurrying in the walls or observe other signs of an infestation then call HICARE today on 8828333888 for the advice and best winter pest control services. You can also inquire for a quick visit by our trained and certified pest experts.