Tips For A Pest-Free Home In The New Year

tips for a pest free home in the new year

Get the best tips for a pest free home in the New Year at Hicare. Follow these helpful tips for keeping pests away from your place in the holidays.

After a splendid New Year’s party, would you like to wake up to a bug-bite? So why wait, add a pest-free home in your new year’s resolution list. Pest problems aren’t changing with the calendar until the necessary steps are taken to eliminate the cause.

Day-in and day-out pests pose a danger by entering your home in every possible way. Follow the famous proverb “Prevention is better than cure”to make your life healthier and pest-free. We advise you to follow a few easy tips to wipe-out the pests from your home this New Year.

  • Step 1: Inspect your home on a regular basis to ensure the outside critters are not crawling inside your home. Every corner, as well as the yard of your home, should be thoroughly inspected.
  • Step 2: Clean the living areas, pantry and rarely used areas to prevent pest infestation. Keep your pantry spic and span with no leftovers, food spills or crumbs as it might attract pests. Immaculate your used food container to avoid severe infestation.
  • Step 3: Thoroughly inspect your old and new furniture, soft furnishings and car for identifying any blood-sucking bug infestation.
  • Step 4: If you have a furry-friend then flea control is a must to keep away the harmful diseases from your family and pet. Ensure to keep their living areas spotless to avoid coming in contact with pest-infestation.
  • Step 5: Check the food packages that you get from stores and luggage bags, for signs of pest activity. If there are any signs of chewed packets, faeces or droppings then immediately inform it to the store authorities and get rid of it.
  • Step 6: Inspect the outdoor of your home for signs of standing water which is a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. Dont invite the dangerous mosquito-related diseases this New Year.
  • Step 7: Seal all the cracks, crevices and other entry points for a pest-free home to block the pesky critters from entering your home. Repair all the possible leakage areas including plumbing system to banish the entry of pests.
  • Step 8: When storing away your winter clothes ensure to inspect the storage place for infestation. Remember to seal the clothes in a tight plastic bag or cover to keep the bugs away.
  • Step 9: Even after the above tips of precautions, one needs a professional pest controldone to completely eliminate the pest and their after-effects from your beautiful home. Call pest experts to avoid the unpleasant sight of crawling critters.

These Do-it-yourself tips can help to keep your Pest Free Home safe on every basis but HICARE pest control experts will ensure your residence is pest-free all year round. Our certified experts will prevent the re-emerging of the insects and rodents in a professional manner.

Welcome the New Year in a healthy way by getting a Pest control done in every couple of months. You should ensure your home is free of any mosquito eggs, rodent faeces, etc. Hicare offers one of the best pest solutions for homes and commercial premises. If you wish to take any further advice or a quick visit by our expert technician, call us on 8828333888 or visit www.hicare.into contact us! Hicare experts will definitely help you get rid of those dangerous pests in the right way!

Tips For A Pest-Free Home In The New Year

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