Termite Infestation - 5 Places You Shouldn't Overlook!

Termites can be an expensive nightmare for your home when it comes to the damage they cause. Besides causing huge financial losses, termite infestation poses threat to your home and safety as well. It is very important to know about these nasty pests and prevent their attack in your home and how you can go about termite prevention. Knowing the places they hide is very essential as you can target them right at the spot and make their evolution a difficult one and do complete termite control!

Negative Impact of Termite Infestation

  • Threat to our safety

    Termites cause damage to the structural foundation of your home in turn putting the safety of you and your family at risk.

  • Property Damage

    Property damage due to termites incurs a lot of extra cost and hassle as damage caused due to termites is not covered by a lot of home insurance policies as well.

  • Devalue property value

    Termite infestation depreciate the value of any home or property to a great extent.

  • Financial loss

    Structural damages and other damages lead to the financial loss and ultimately loss of peace at home.

Troublesome, isn't it? Yes, they are! Let them not wreak havoc in your home for a long time. Discover and choose timely termite pest control. This is because, there may be very little or no warning signs of termite infestation. So, know what to look for and where to look for these disgusting creatures“ the TERMITES! Timely termite detection leads to proper termite treatment and termite extermination.

Signs of Termite Infestation:

  1. Mud Tubes

  2. Droppings

  3. Discarded Wings

WOODEN DECK OR PERGOLA: The wood of the deck or pergola of your house can be at risk. This wood must be thoroughly painted or sealed if it is not properly pressure treated. Ensure that the termites don't deteriorate or eat the support beams which are often out of sight. Do keep a check!

ATTIC: This is typically made of wood, making it one of the most ideal places for termite infestation and termite colonies. Even if you do not have an attic, make sure you keep a regular check on all the hidden places in your home which might just invite termites.

BASEMENT: It’s very important to check the basement. This is the most attractive site for termites to attack as this is a sheltered place containing beams, supports and wood sills that provide access to the entire sub-flooring.

CRAWLSPACES: Like basements, these are also one of the prime locations for termites. They often do not have any flooring and just soil, making it even easier for termites to enter. Hence, you should seal off any kind of soil surrounding your house.

OUTSIDE: Never forget to look outside the house. Keep woodpiles dead leaves, trees and limbs away from your home. As these are the things which termites find tasty and hence, they make their way to your home through them.

Hence, the moment you take note of these five most common locations of termite infestation, you gift yourself a home that is not only safe, but healthy! Getting a professional termite inspection can help you spot the problem areas that you might have missed and get the best home termite control. Do not overlook these main spots that are a home to termites!

Have you noticed any of these signs mentioned above?

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