Summer Cleaning Chore Checklist

When summers are right at the corner, we hardly get any time for home cleaning as we are in the vacation mode. Here we have a summer cleaning chore checklist for you so that you can go smoothly in these months while keeping tabs on the essential areas.

1. Make your summer count

Summer is ideally a slow moving period for various cleaning service providers and home maintenance firms. Make the most by grabbing the discounts during this season for window washing firms, carpet cleaners, and many more.

2. Keep medicines handy along with the first aid kit

Dispose all the outdated medications that you have stored and replace them with a new one. Make sure your first kit is in its place with all the necessary items available.

3. Create an emergency contact list for baby-sitters and school kids

Before your summer comes to an end, ensure to have all the emergency contact numbers updated and handy. It must include fire department, family contact, and nearby neighbours contact numbers.

4.  Tackle patio and sliding door tracks.

Summer is an open-door season, ensures that your doors are open smoothly. Pick all-purpose cleaner, lots of rags and a screwdriver.

5. Print vacation packing lists for family travel

Prepare a packing checklist for every family member. Ensure you carry the list along with your luggage. Other than this, ensure these deep house cleaning checklists below:

  • Get your house inspected for termites or carpenter ants.

  • Have garbage odour controlled or regulated.

  • Get your sewage system and debris inspected.

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