Say Goodbye to Termites with Professional Termite Pest Control

Professional Pest control service provider like HiCare pest management company that puts years into researching the best possible ways to tackle your pest problems.

Termites aren’t worth sharing your home or commercial spaces with. These tiny invisible pests are homewreckers on a mission to attack your spaces and cause irreparable menace.

They don’t just eat your expensive furnishings but also hollow up your walls thus being a danger for your house and commercial property. The damage that they cause could cost a fortune out of your pockets. Recently, there were a few news articles that surfaced talking about how termites caused troubles to the common man. Some headlines of the articles are as follows-

  1. Termites Eat Up Pig-Rearer’s Lifetime Savings of Rs 5 Lakh
  2. Termites Feed on Cash Worth Lakhs Kept in Bank of Baroda’s Locker in Gujarat’s Vadodara

These news articles suggest how easily a lifetime of earned fortune could just vanish in the blink of an eye due to the negligence of hygiene and sanitation. It brings into focus the significance of keeping a control check on your properties against pesky pests, however big or small, especially termite control, among others.

Ignorance is bliss! But this sentence doesn’t stand true when it comes to these crawling invaders. Ignoring their existence won’t help you in any manner. Adversely, the longer you wait to take any action against the breeding army, the worse the condition of your space, as the sly destroyers will cause your furnishings to weaken, walls to crack and hollow up ultimately reducing your quality of life. Hence, you now know better than dismissing the termite issues and calling for termite control instead.

How do you know your space is susceptible to a Termite attack??

There’s a high chance that you won’t even notice the presence of the crawlies under your roofs until the amount of damage done by them is too much to repair. Therefore there is a need to be on the lookout for signs of infestation or conditions that are favourable for termites. This lookout would help determine their presence and in turn, take the necessary steps to eradicate them.

All termites need cellulose and moist breeding grounds, which is available to them via wood furnishings and water sources around the house. Wherever they can find these two, is where they can easily infiltrate and cause harm. The conditions conducive for termites to get stronger and attack your spaces are:-

  1. Soil Line too high
  2. Building Foundation too low
  3. Damp wood
  4. High humidity
  5. Cracks in building interiors
  6. Broken pipelines

Apart from all this, the geographical location of the places and the resulting weather is also a determining factor in how likely your space is vulnerable to termite infestation attacks.

The signs that the termite infestation has already taken place are as follows:-

  1. Swollen floors
  2. Mud tunnels
  3. Buckling wood
  4. Visible mazes on walls

If you are already noticing these signs, the next step is to know the right ways to get rid of them. Don’t rely on mere homely measures as they might not be effective in the long run. Let’s discuss what must be done in such difficult situations as a part of termite control.

How to get rid of termites, the correct way?

Often difficult to get rid of, termites or deemak breeding in spots that are inaccessible to the usual pest control treatment sprays and chemicals. This makes it even difficult to get a permanent solution for these pests through your local pest control service provider.

Choose a pest control service provider like HiCare pest management company that puts years into researching the best possible ways to tackle your pest problems. As HiCare pest control service providers, we have two decades of experience in delivering pest-free homes and commercial spaces to clients all across the country.

We have researched and formulated a three-step termite control process that will not only solve the termite problem for a short period but also prevent them from infesting your home and commercial spaces any further in the future

DRILL – Small holes are drilled at the skirting level of the walls to reach into the breeding colonies of the termites.

FILL – Termin 8 solution specifically made to eradicate termites is filled into these holes.

SEAL – The holes are then filled with white cement to prevent re-entry of the termite colonies into your spaces.

Termite Control Service :-

Our Well Researched 3X Termite Control Service is your way to go. Call 8828333888 to book our expert pest control treatment services and sit back in leisure as the professional exterminators work towards providing you with a pest-free home!

Say Goodbye to Termites with Professional Termite Pest Control

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