Have a small home? Make these things multi-task for you

There are a lot of people who have to stay away from their parental houses and families to pursue their careers. At times, they tend to share homes with other mates while moving in mid-sized rented houses so that they can save on their expenses. Other than this, there are lots of families staying in the urban cities like Mumbai who own small apartments. Though owning a small apartment comes with its own plus point that you can easily maintain. And with the right approach and tricks, you can make multiple uses of the things that available in your house which will occupy less space and work more. Here's how you can do it:

Using your dining table as a study or work table.

  In case you own a 1BHK flat and your primary focus is on using a few objects for multiple purposes, your dining table can be one such object. It is a fact that you will be using your dining table only during breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, during rest of the hours you can use this spot as a study or work table.


As most of the houses are well-equipped with modern amenities and therefore, it has overhead showers which will limit the use of buckets. But still there are families using buckets to store water where the supply is not available 24hrs. These buckets can be used as a laundry basket for saving the space.

Cupboard tops

Moved into a small house and not having cupboards? You can shell out money in buying a small sized cupboard that has space on the top which can be used to keep other items.If you are already having furniture in the house then use the tops of these cabinets and cupboards to keep things neatly so that it provides room for more stuffs to fit in.
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