Do-It-Yourself Pest Control vs. Professional Pest Control

Since time immemorial we have grown up learning to keep our home clean and hygienic. But is that enough to save your home from a pest infestation? We try DIY pest control products to get rid of the small infestation for a less expensive way. For a big infestation, it is smart to hire a professional pest control service or an expert. But what is the better option? Let's have a look at this comparison: Pest Control DIY vs Professional. While comparing Pest Control DIY vs Professional, often DIY methods or products fail to exterminate the colony of ants or bed bugs. Over time they re-emerge and makes DIY expensive in a slow and steady manner. DIY seems to be an easiest and quickest way but in actual sense, it creates more hassle, is ineffective and a waste of time.


There are certain points, one needs to understand before deciding to hire a professional pest control expert or use DIY methods. Following is the differentiation between Pest Control DIY vs Professional.

  • Pest Identification

    DIY: You might spot an ant marching across the furniture in your living area but it could be a termite instead. Therefore, pest identification becomes difficult for homeowners. Misidentification leads to the wrong usage of DIY pest control sprays and other products.

    Professional: Pest experts have up-to-date knowledge about varied pests and treatments to get rid of them. They will quickly make a plan of action to eradicate the cause of pest infestation.

  • Health issues

    DIY: The market is filled with inexpensive Do-It-Yourself products and chemicals. But improper use of chemicals will lead to rashes, burns, vomiting, trouble breathing and more. If you’ve kids around then it becomes essential to use the proper amount of chemicals or friendly chemicals.

    Professional: Pest experts are trained and certified to use the right amount of chemicals or spray to eliminate the pest-troubles. They understand the pest and likewise use safe chemicals or sprays to treat the infestation. Your health and safety are their first priority.

  • Effectiveness

    DIY: Often do-it-yourself is effective on the small infestation or to get rid of a bug. Pests are adaptable critters and they get immune to specific chemicals after a while. This makes those pesky critters invade your home again.

    Professional: Pest experts take the necessary steps to treat pest infestation and prevent it from re-emerging. Professional pest control experts will help to save you the hassle of repeat trips to the store, time and money. Best leave the pest problems to professional pest control experts rather than doing it yourself.

  • Expense

    DIY: Do it yourself products are cheap and in your budget but it doesn't eradicate the infestation. The information on the label of the product can be confusing for homeowners, which means improper use and expensive inconvenience.

    Professional: Hiring a professional can be a little expensive but is a permanent solution to wipe-off the pests from your home. They will keep your home pest-free in a healthier way with eco-friendly products or treatment. It's a one-time investment to keep away the inside looking unwanted pests from your home.

  • Warranties

    DIY: The products that you choose over the counter in the shop may not come with a warranty or guarantee. This only makes you spend your fortune and not save your home from pest invasion. Your home is your castle; keep it in safe hands to protect it from infestation.

    Professional: Before hiring a professional pest control company, thoroughly read their contracts for warranties. This is an added benefit that comes with professional Pest Management Company. This ensures homeowner's to be stress-free about the hygiene standards of their homes.


Use a smarter way to get rid of pest infestation while keeping your family's health up to the mark. Whenever you spot bed bug stains around the corners of your mattress or spot cockroaches in your pantry, call HICARE today on 8828333888 for expert advice on pest control and to schedule an inspection for your home! Hicare experts will definitely help you get rid of these dangerous and nasty pests the right way and with the right extermination treatments!