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Bed Bugs have existed since time immemorial. They are one of the tiniest but blood-sucking pests that create a menace all across the globe. Pest control technicians of the world have researched them for years together to understand their behaviors and come up with the right techniques and tools to manage bed bugs.

They are easily spread, multiplied within no time. Within just two months, bed bugs can lay over five hundred eggs. This number speaks volumes about how preventing or managing bedbugs is an extraneous task for all pest control technicians.

Human travelers become their vehicle of transport and aid them to go places as they hide in their clothing, bags, luggage, cartons, and even furniture. Moreover, they can survive without feeding up to a whole year. Though sometimes bed bugs reside in unusual places, they prefer to hide in nooks and corners, holes, cracks, and even inside mattresses.

Bed Bugs control is a very detail-oriented process. This makes bed bug infestation a pest problem that could only be managed by a professional bed bug solutions provider/ pest control technician, one who has extensive experience and knowledge about them while understanding the techniques and chemicals that are to be used in such a case.

We know that this is a problem a lot of people face and fewer people are aware of. Hence we as a leading brand in the pest management space, wants to impart knowledge and awareness about pests; thought of getting you a pest control technician’s direct advice about the detection of bed bugs. Once you know there is a problem, it becomes easier to tackle it especially with HiCare by your side.

How to check your home for bed bugs?

Although bed bug bites don’t need serious medical attention, Bed bug infestation is known to cause anxiety and sleepless nights. To help find bed bugs before they find you, you should check the following:-

  • A sweet, musty odour
As means of communication, bed bugs use scent. If there is an infestation in the area, there will be a strong scent. This scent would not go away with time instead it will get stronger. Therefore, pest control technicians recommend a bed bug control to be done at the earliest in such a situation.

  • Specks of blood
Check out the bedding, mattresses, or upholstered furniture such as couches and headboards for little specks of blood as a result of the bites. Bed bugs consume nothing but the blood so it's most probable that you need a pest control technician to help rid of these tiny bloodsucking insects.


  • Exoskeletons

Bed bugs have an outer shell that they shed as part of their lifecycle. They leave behind brown tiny shells in the places of their infestation. Do you see shell-like remains on the mattress, mattress pad, or beneath couch cushions? if you said yes, call a pest control technician now.


  • Tiny, blackish specks

Notice any blackish specks on the bedding, mattress, headboard, or beneath the couch cushion? Take it as a sign of bed bug infestation as that speck could be bed bug excrement. Don't suffer from having to sleep in that filth, call upon a pest control technician instead.


Now that you know all about the signs of infestation, and have checked for their presence unfortunately finding that your house is under a bed bug infestation too, you can rely on our decades of research and experience in pest management to get a pest-free home with strict diligence to all safety protocols amidst the challenging times the world is going through. Call 8828333888 today and book HiCare’s expert pest control, deep cleaning, virus disinfection and bird netting services.

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