7-Point Checklist for Mosquito Prevention at Home

We're sure all of you hate the familiar sound of mosquitoes buzzing and whizzing past our ears. Even worse, when they try to settle on us and suck the blood out of us. Worst of all, the itchiness that follows and the possibilities of having mosquitoes in your house and contracting diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and others. In India, the monsoons have begun, but so have cases of such diseases spreading around the country. Hence you should prevent mosquitoes or use mosquito repellents at home. The female Anopheles mosquito is the one that spreads these diseases and they are massive reproducers as well, laying up to 100 eggs every third night after mating once. They lay around 3-4 sets of eggs before dying and those are a lot of new mosquito babies. Surely, we must know how to get rid of mosquitoes then. While it's difficult to handle the problem of mosquitoes outdoors, we sure can do a lot to prevent this issue within the confines of our own homes, right? Here, we've put together a small checklist of 7 simple things to do in order to considerably reduce the number of mosquitoes or for mosquito prevention at home, including the use of natural mosquito repellents. Take a look:

1) Get rid of unwanted water

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and this is something we learn in the school itself. Make sure you aren't leaving water lying around in your bathroom, kitchen, garage or backyard. Any household items lying around your house can collect water such as flower pots, old tires, boxes, and other empty containers. Stagnant and marshy water is the main habitat for mosquitoes and letting water stagnate in or around your house will do nothing to help your mosquito problem. In fact, it will only make the situation worse. Mosquito prevention becomes a thousand times easier if you get rid of unwanted water lying around the place. 

2) Use good fans

Judging by the size of mosquitoes and how easy it is to shoo them away or even squish them, you will realize that mosquitoes are very weak flyers. They will easily be repelled by the continuous flow of air, forcing the mosquitoes in your house to move out or at least out of the immediate radius of where you are seated. The last thing you want is lying under a fan that isn't powerful enough and mosquitoes attacking you right below a fan. Ceiling fans, tower fans, and table fans are all effective in this regard.

3) Invest in effective mesh

Keeping your doors and windows open help a lot in ventilation and ensuring that there's always a certain amount of fresh air circulating within your home. However, there's a price to pay for this. Keeping your windows open serves as an open invitation to an entire family of mosquitoes around your residence. For this, ensure you use bug-tight mesh or nets. They allow the wind and breeze to flow through, but ensures insects and mosquito prevention.

4) Manage your garden

Maintaining a neat and tidy yard is one of the best methods of keeping mosquitoes out of your way. Weeds and long grass provide mosquitoes a nice place to rest and survive. Ensure your grass is regularly trimmed to not allow the growth of these flying insects. Further, you could consider growing mosquito repelling plants, herbs or flowers. These include citronella grass, peppermint, lemon eucalyptus, feverfew, lavender, marigolds, chrysanthemums, pennyroyal, and others. These are all examples of natural mosquito repellents and they are all highly effective.

5) Use mosquito repellents

These are products you can buy from stores such as mosquito repellent creams. You can apply these to yourself in the evenings or before sleeping. You could also consider coils and other indoor mosquito repellents but then again, these are temporary solutions for mosquitoes as compared to the checklist points above. 

6) Use homemade water traps

Here's a tried and tested indoor mosquito repellent that you can create on your own. Take an empty plastic bottle (or two) and cut it in half. Pour hot water into the lower half of the bottle and mix brown sugar in this water. Once the water has cooled down (say 15-20 minutes), add yeast to the solution. This will lead to the formation of carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes. Put the upper half of the bottle downwards into the lower half. This will allow mosquitoes to fly down into the bottle but then get stuck there, dying of suffocation or starvation.

7) Pest control professional

Now if all the above remedies haven't worked, it seems like you have a mosquito infestation and your last resort is to get help from the Ghostbusters - the pest control professionals. This is the best way to 100% get rid of mosquitoes 100% from your home. The climate is beautiful during the rainy season. However, you don't want to mess that season up for yourself by attracting mosquitoes and diseases. Follow our checklist items above for mosquito prevention and you will see instant results. Thereby, your family will be protected from the harmful effects of mosquitoes and mosquito bites. But don't forget to take the pest control services for mosquito control only from an expert in your city.