5 Insane But True Facts About Pigeons

Pigeon is one the most common species found across the globe. Having adapted to all type of habitats, pigeons are present almost everywhere barring the torrid deserts and subzero Arctic and Antarctica. In today's world, pigeons are mostly branded as pests owing to their overpopulation in the suburban cities as well as for the diseases they spread. But not many know what these remarkable creatures, the pigeons truly are.

Here are some Crazy facts about the birds we tend to overlook otherwise: 

Pigeons have been present with humans since ages

The pigeons have been around humans for thousands of year. 5,000 years old Mesopotamian tablets have been found illustrating domestication of rock doves, a breed of pigeon. They have a worthy mention on Egyptian Hieroglyphs tablets as well, which were used until 400 AD by the Ancient Egyptians. History has suggested that they have been a companion of humans for more than 10,000 years and in all probability even go beyond that.

Pigeons have fought alongside humans in World War I and II

In a time where communication was difficult, pigeons were used to fly across borders to deliver messages to the military camp as well as to the allies. Pigeons have played a very important role in saving a countless number of lives throughout the history because of their homing skills as well as their pace. They have conveyed messages evading enemy fires and poisoned gases during both World War 1 and World War 2 to rescue the army and the navy stuck in deadlock situations. The Pigeons on their laurels have been bestowed with several awards, one of them being the Dickin Medal, which was given to honour the bravery of animals in the World War II. During the World War era, Pigeons were known to be faster than telegraph messages. Pigeons are still used by French, Iraqi and Chinese armies.

Pigeon Races

Did you know there is a specific breed of Pigeons called Racing Homer that were and are still used in the sport of racing? It is a sport where the trained pigeons are raced and the distance covered and the time taken is measured to evaluate the speed of all participant birds. The Pigeons travel at an average speed of 80 km/h while the highest speed recorded is 140 km/h. Although small inbuilt, they have strong wing muscles making them strong fliers. In fact, in the 19th century, this sport became so popular that the 1900 Olympics held in Paris contested a Pigeon racing event.

Navigational Technique

The Pigeon racing events, as well as their involvement in the world wars, is all because of their unique navigation skills. Research has proved that pigeons use earth's magnetic field and the position of the sun to find their way to the destination and that could easily be over a distance of 100 km. The Champions breed use landmarks as well as roads to determine their location. Some studies have suggested that they also use their sense of smell while flying to reach their destination.

Pigeons: Rats of the Sky

Although Pigeons have been known for various good traits, one attribute that weighs them down is the role they play in creating the nuisance and transmitting diseases. Pigeon droppings and their feather becomes a hotbed for all types of bacteria and viruses. They can have adverse effects on people who are vulnerable to asthma, allergies and skin reactions. Apart from health damage, they can also damage your property. Their acidic faeces not only damage the roof, balcony but are also highly inflammable if the birds get comfortable near electrical wires or machinery. It's not for nothing that Pigeons are called rats of the sky.

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