5 Expert Tips to How to Clean Car Interior, glass on your own

It is always worth to take good care of your car and maintain cleanliness inside out. A regular wash and great maintenance can make a huge difference which reflects indirectly on the resale value of the car. At times, not everyone can afford professional car cleaning service and caretakers and they however end up doing some wrong stuff which minimizes the life span of your car.

The HiCare experts right from the car cleaning service segment have brought to you some amazing tricks on how you can deal with your car in the right way.

Right from the interior to the exterior, these pro tips on DIY car cleaning services will help you save some expenses while avoiding the hassle of visiting the garage again and again.

1. Prevent Your Car from Paint Damage

We all have seen how cars become a favorite spot for birds and what they leave behind. Those drops have uric acid, which makes its way through a layer of wax or a car's clear. When this comes in contact with heat, it hardly takes any longer for them to spoil the finishing of your car and damages the paint. As the temperature rises, the process of damage accelerates. Therefore, you must protect your car by washing it too often and also maintain by not parking under direct sunlight.

2. Prevent from Rust or Cracks

A car's paint always acts as a protection for the metal beneath it. Where there is a metal, rusting of iron oxide is common. This is due to the direct exposure of your car's metal in the air with the combination of oxygen, iron, water and moisture. The rusting of course spreads, therefore, it becomes necessary to prevent your car and stop its corrosive process. Get some time out and get the cracks and holes repaired. Apply coating on the repaired area with the use of a paintbrush.

3. Take Care of your Car's Windshield

Use a bottle of coke to clean the bugs and grime it off from your windshield. Place a towel at the bottom to protect the hood paint and pour coke directly onto the windshield.

4. Keep Bugs Away from Your Car's Windshield

Keep a spare razor blade in your glove compartment so that you can always scrape dead bugs off your windshield even if you don't have access to a squeegee.

5. DIY Cleaning the Interior

  • Vinegar/ dishwashing detergent

Got a coffee spilled inside the car? Not a problem! Blot the area as much as you can with a paper towel and apply a mixture of 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and ½ tablespoon detergent to stain and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wipe away with warm water. Repeat the process with more vinegar if needed.

  • Club Soda

Got car sickness stains on the upholstery from children, pets, adults vomiting? Dilute stain with club soda and let it sit for a few minutes. Later blow-dry the area with a towel.

  • WD- 40 Spray

Spray WD-40 Spray on upholstery or carpet that has been soiled with crayon or greasy fingerprints. Rub with a cloth afterward. You can also remove gum from the upholstery or carpet with the help of WD-40 Spray.

  • Charcoal

Need to clean the air quality of your car? Set an open bag of charcoal in the car, which is great for absorbing odors.