5 Everyday Things you're probably forgetting to Clean

Between and under the sofa cushions

Even though you must be changing the sofa cover on a regular basis, it is not yet entirely clean from dirt and germs. With a lot of household chores in your daily to-do list, you might miss out some spots where daily dusting and cleaning is mandatory. The one such spot is right underneath your sofa or between the gaps of your sofa and cushion placed. You should be cleaning this area very carefully and occasionally to not let the dirt and dust settle down as the place is highly prone to collect dirt.

Behind Wall Art and Television

The wall is the place which goes neglected very often while cleaning the house. If you will go back and try to think, when was the last time you got your area behind the wall art cleaned, most of us would fail to remember. However, just like electronic goods, even wall arts are prone to collect dust as it remains untouched.


As your blinds protect from germs, they are highly susceptible to get dirty and prone to germs. Therefore, you should be wiping them down thoroughly with a piece of cloth occasionally because the dust would remain even if you close the blinds.

Remote Control

The remote control is the most disinfected object which goes uncleaned and unnoticed. There's a lot to worry when a remote control is not thoroughly cleaned with a wet wipe. You should be often cleaning or wiping your cell phone, headphone or any other gadgets you are surrounded with on a regular basis.

Occasionally, it is necessary to get down and deep clean your house to get rid of those germs and dirt accumulated around the tiles. Yes, it is an unbearable task to do, but equally important for maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the house.

Now when you will be cleaning your home, don't forget to look back on these areas during your home cleaning regime. We, at Hi Care, are best known for our deep cleaning and sofa shampooing service. To book any professional home cleaning service in Mumbai, you can reach us through our website https://hicare.in