3 Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Nothing can beat the feeling of being in a clean and tidy house. Cleaning has never been that simple for anyone of us because, especially to those who have kids in their house. Cleaning and maintaining a healthy environment in the house is in our hands and this gets tougher when maids are not around. With a right approach towards cleaning get you on a right track. Here are three cleaning hacks that you should adopt for a clean home:

Wax Your Stovetop

The most commonly used areas of your house are the kitchen and especially your stove top. You should get some time on your weekend to get the stains and dirt cleaned from your stove top. Ensure to not let the debris settle there for a long time as it gets difficult to clean. Use a scrubber to get rid of the dirt and ensure not to use excess of water.

Buff Leather Furniture with Shoe Polish

There are various reasons behind people buying leather furniture and some of them can be due to its durability, comfort and stylish appearance. But if you have your beloved sofa which has got old with scratches, of course you will have no other option rather than just throwing a cloth on it. But now you need not worry as you can get rid of those scratches when a little effort is applied to it. Get a shoe polish that has that particular shade and apply to the affected area with an applicator. Once the polish gets settled, grab a clean cloth and start buffing the polish in a circular motion. Now let it dry overnight and then blow dry it for 30 seconds the next morning.

Clean Your Mattress with Vodka

It is a necessary task to get your mattresses cleaned as it comes in daily use. People living in cities; mostly stay in a small sized apartment which might not have enough room to work. Though you can be give the mattress cover for a wash, but the mattress remains the same. Now cleaning the mattress in your home can be easy with the use of vodka. Simply sprinkle vodka, and some essential oils for fragrance. Allow it to dry for a long time. The vodka sprinkled on the mattress has the ability to kill the germs living in your mattress while preventing from odours. We, at Hi Care, are best known for our deep cleaning and sofa shampooing service. To book any professional home cleaning service in Mumbai, you can reach us through our website https://hicare.in