Wondering where to find expert pest control services in India? We have the answer!

The title? It's a simple question asked by thousands of people all over the country. We are a huge population but the pest population isn't far behind us. Today, we're here to discuss this problem, but at the same time, give you a solution. If you are one of those who wonders 'Where to find expert pest control services in India?', look no further. If you're looking for pest control in India, it's easily available. There are dime a dozen pest control operators set up all over the country. The keyword here, however, is 'EXPERT'. If you're looking for 'Expert' pest control in India, your options narrow down to just a few that you can count on your fingertips.

So, what makes someone an 'Expert'?

  • Precision, perfection
  • Desired results
  • Safety
  • Certifications
  • Innovation
  • Use of best technology
  • Highly trained staff, etc.

Put all the above points together and you get a pest control company called HiCare. Over the years, we have perfected the art of performing expert pest control. Today, we're India's number one choice when pest problems arise. Again, plenty of pest control providers exist, but few can be termed 'experts'. HiCare has every Government regulation, certification and licensing needed to be in the business, and we only use the best and safest Bayer chemicals in the market. Why? Because the company loves to extinguish pests, but also cares for your safety and the safety of children, pets and senior citizens in your homes. Now, say bye-bye to after-effects of pest control chemicals at home.

How to find the experts, HiCare?

Come back to the question asked in the title of this blog. We know that HiCare is the one to contact for expert pest control and termite services. Also, the best for ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, wood borers, rodents, and many more pests. The question though is, "How do I find them?" It has never been easier to find HiCare and book a pest control service. Just call 8828333888 to book an appointment and have our highly trained technicians at your doorstep. They'll survey your home and property to know exactly what kind of treatment is required. Another unique feature is that HiCare eradicates nuisances from the roots, not just from the surface. If not a phone call, why not log on to the HiCare website at www.hicare.in .The website is extremely navigable and user-friendly, with an easy to understand the flow. Pick the service you require and pay online for an additional discount for online payments. The website asks for your pin code and lets you know whether your area is serviceable or not. The best part is that HiCare has spread its wings all over the country in recent times, so there's a very low chance that we don't operate in your area. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and others have plenty of HiCare setups, while the semi-urban and rural areas are covered as well. Need expert pest control reviews in Nagpur, Indore, Thane, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Gurgaon, Navi Mumbai, and other smaller cities? We've got your needs covered. HiCare also recently launched its Alexa Skill. What's that you ask? Power on your Amazon Echo Dot and say "Alexa, Open HiCare." The rest, you'll understand. Now you know the process of finding the experts when it comes to pest control in India. All you have to do is book a service and witness the expertise yourself. Before you do so, you can log on to the website and read hundreds of happy customer testimonials.


Established in 2004, HiCare is India's leading pest control provider for residential and commercial pest control for Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Wood Borers, Termites, Bird Netting and others, including home cleaning services and other home hygiene solutions.