Why NOT local pest control? What are the harms?

The subject of pest control is a very sensitive one, one which needs to be handled with care. When you suffer from pest infestations, you can get extremely frustrated. All you want to do at that point is GET RID of the insects harassing you. However, we must also think of long-term consequences while making pest control decisions. Sure, it's easy to call the nearest pest control provider. They will come, spray their chemicals and leave. Your problems will disappear TEMPORARILY. What happens when the pest returns? Do you call back the same pest controller? Or is it a new one now? This then becomes a never-ending loop, where you end up shelling out much more money than required. High chances are your pest problem is still not cured too. This is what happens when you select local pest control brands rather than well-reputed, trustworthy ones. Before we get into differentiating the two, first let's talk about why people choose local brands. We're going to discuss some of the main reasons why people may go in for ABC and  XYZ local pest control brands, rather than the professional services of India's best, HiCare.

Reasons to choose a local pest control

Cheaper, save more: 90% chances that your local pest control brand would charge you minimal rates for their services. Why? Well, they don't use high-quality chemicals and they can afford to charge you low rates when they use cheap chemicals themselves. To attract Indian customers, low prices almost always does the trick. I mean, why choose the best for Rs.1,000 when a new company is offering the same service for Rs.400? However, have you ever thought about the difference in the quality of these services? Want to bargain? Why not? Indians love bargaining, sometimes for the fun of it rather than just to save more money. Local pest control brands are available dime a dozen, so they don't mind giving you some services at your preferred rates. They do this to ensure you don't go away to competitor controllers the next time. And with their low-quality services, next time is always guaranteed. Easily accessible: Anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Local pest control providers are always around your locality, and if there's an urgent requirement at home, you will call them. It's understood that you would rather rid your homes of pests INSTANTLY, rather than waiting a few more hours for a better clean-up of your homes.

Why we should be smart and avoid the above?

Eventually, you don't want to end up being penny-wise, pound foolish. The age-old saying talks about looking for small gains but making bigger losses in the process. Pest control is basically the health and safety of your homes. Do you want to compromise this health because of a few extra rupees? Or do you want to put your homes at risk because you couldn't wait a few more hours for better help to arrive?


  • Quality: The biggest reason to choose a brand like HiCare over local controllers is quality. When you choose HiCare, you don't need to worry about your pest issue anymore. They have the best treatments for every nuisance, whether it's ants, cockroaches, birds, termites, mosquitoes or anything else. HiCare aims at solving pest issues from the roots, and not just temporary services.
  • After-service: You're reading about India's most trusted pest control brands. Why? Because once HiCare has been chosen, customers have never complained about after-service. Any complaints or queries after we have treated your homes, and they will be resolved by our technicians for free.
  • Expert technicians: Not just is the company a leader in research and technology, but HiCare also ensures its technicians are the best in the market. They always know what they're doing. Call 8828333888 visit hicare.in to book a service. Watch how these expert technicians first survey and inspect your home before chalking out a master plan for treatment.
  • Chemicals: The company only uses highly reputed Bayer chemicals. Not many pest control brands across India have all certifications and licenses as HiCare does. The use of only government-approved chemicals and being a part of the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) is enough to buy your trust and appreciation.
  • Safety: HiCare has over 10 Lakh satisfied customers across the country and has become India's first choice when it comes to pest control. One of the major reasons for this reputation is the care for each and every premises, whether residential or commercial. The chemicals used will never cause harm to any child, senior citizen or pet on your homes/offices.

Now that you know the difference between HiCare and local pest control brands, we trust you to make the right decisions while choosing pest control. Their latest innovation was adding Alexa Skills, which now allows you to book pest services using your Echo Dot devices, which can be done in a matter of seconds.