What are the steps to take for stopping Hantavirus?

For our readers, let's take this time to put out the important message that Hantavirus is not a widespread epidemic like coronavirus as yet, so there's absolutely no need to panic. In this age of easy access to social media and the internet, one reported death due to hantavirus and a little bit of chaos took place across the world. As per reports, the virus spreads to human beings from rodents, and that too a few species of rodents. Another thing to note is that it doesn't spread from all rodents, but only the infected ones. And this spreads to humans only when we come in contact with the saliva, urine and/or feces of an infected host. All in all, what we're trying to say is that this doesn't spread from humans to humans and the chance of being affected with hantavirus is very slim, Regardless, precaution is always better than cure and today, we'll talk about a few ways of maintaining hygiene and how to prevent hantavirus altogether...

Steps to stop hantavirus from spreading

1) Don't be around rodents

Though only some species of rodents that carry hantavirus but if you aren't around them, there's absolutely no chance of you getting any infection. Make sure your surroundings are as hygienic as possible, to avoid getting infected with Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome(HPS).

2) Be careful not to ingest the virus

While vacuuming and dusting or sweeping, the hantavirus pathogen can be stirred up and can enter the air we breathe, so wearing masks in such times are very important. Also, don't touch your face especially eyes, ears and nose. Much like precaution with coronavirus, similar steps are to be followed.

3) Be careful of where you clean

While the chances of getting hantavirus in a home setup is difficult, those cleaning places where rodents may have been present or are present are at danger. These include warehouses, barns, garages, store rooms, sheds, cabins and similar places. The virus can only be transmitted from rodents and not from cats and dogs and other animals.

4) Use rodent traps and baits

Apart from hantavirus, we know that rats and rodents can be carriers of several plagues and diseases, so if we want to know how to stop hantavirus, we first get rid of rodents. If we are at risk of getting rodents at home, let's try and use traps and baits to get rid of them. Traps catch them until they die while baits follow the concept of inducing them to eating something which they may think is food, but is actually a harmful chemical which will kill them and even transfer to any other rats they may come in contact with.

5) Use professional help

In India, a number of professional pest control and home hygiene companies can help you fight hantavirus, especially HiCare. First, we can help you get rid of rodents at very economical prices, and without much interference to your daily routine. One call to HiCare on 8828333888 and our technicians will be on their way. An in-depth survey will follow a step-by-step rodent control treatment. Next, we can help with deep cleaning of your home to avoid coming in contact with any hantavirus pathogens in the air which could be spread through the urine, saliva or feces of rodents around the place. Being the most respected and trusted pest control company in India, there shouldn't be any hesitation when contacting us. In times like this, keeping your home and family safe is more important than anything else. Stay home and stay safe!