Visual Bird Deterrents and their shortcomings

Visual Bird Deterrents

Pigeons are one of the most annoying creatures known to man throughout decades. They not only pose a health risk but their interference in our everyday life could lead to a lot of financial damage. There are many ways in which pigeons can be prevented from entering your property like bird spikes and bird netting. But one easy trick known is Visual Bird Deterrents. They are easy to implement and show instant results.

Visual Bird Deterrents are basically a simple equipment or a device that are used to scare the birds away. Easy to install as well as replace, these deterrents come in various sizes and shapes and can be hanged or positioned in outdoor areas like the gardens, house balcony, patios or even building rooftops. They to some extent do help in ensuring control of the bird traffic by scaring them away. An inexpensive and an easily available solution they don't necessarily provide long-lasting results though.

Some type of the Visual Bird deterrents has mirrored plates that rotates with the wind while using sunlight to create a blinding glare which keeps the birds away. A simple holographic tape also works on the same principles. They can easily be attached to the grills of the windows or the branches of trees where excess birds are a problem to the human existence.

A unique type of Visual Deterrent is predator decoys more specifically hawk decoys or owl decoy. These smokescreens scare the likes of pigeons and sparrows away in the fear of being attacked by their prey. A drawback involved in such type of ploy is the cardboard cutout needs to be hanged and made sure they move with the wind. Pigeons have been known to be quite smart and they can easily sense an immovable threat. These type of pigeon deterrents are very easily available over the internet and can be mounted easily too. Some other easily available home objects that can be used are broken piece of mirror or CDs or any reflective metals. The birds have sharp eyesight and get easily frightened by unexpected visual signs or recognizable predators.

Although they are quite versatile, the scare deterrents have their downsides. They are ineffectual in the long run. Pigeons are known to be quite smart in learning the pattern of the threats and hence a static deterrent won't scare them off for long. In such situations, the good old trick of bird netting is the best option. Nets are easy to install, cost-effective and low maintenance while long lasting at the same time. Hicare provides Anti Bird Netting Solutions to all types of properties. Check out the bird installation service ( or call on 080-46809272 to know how our experienced engineers can help you deter the birds thoroughly.