Reasons for owning an air purifier across the world

Different strokes for different folks. Or, "There are no two identical lives in the world, as the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz put it. No country or region in the world has the same natural environment, life style, value or culture. So, how does the air quality of a country or region vary from another? And for what reason do people buy Air Purifier? We would like to share some of the answers we received from a global survey we recently carried out.

India: Because every working man and woman deserves the same treatment as a president

India holds 13 positions out of the 20 most air-polluted cities in the world. The US embassy placed an order for 1,850 Blueair air purifiers before President Obama visited India in 2015. That set an example for other embassies. Many Indian companies also joined the trend to improve the air quality in their office locations. That made offices one of the most common places for best air purifiers in India.

Hong Kong citizens: Because we really enjoy decorating

Hong Kong is the home to 7.3 million people, making its population density 50 times of that of Beijing and its per capital living space only 16m2. Yet, in the rank of the most livable cities in the world in 2015, Hong Kong was 23 positions ahead of Beijing. Interior decoration is probably one of the methods for Hong Kong people to increase livability in their restricted living space. And no wonder Hong Kong people rate methanol as the top indoor pollutant, since about 40% of methanol is converted to formaldehyde, and into products such as plastics, plywood and paints.

Taiwanese: Because we say no to second-hand cigarette smoke

Prior to the implementation of the New Tobacco Hazard Control Program in 2009, one out of five adults in Taiwan smoked. The rate is still high at 16.4%. That is why the Taiwanese rate cigarette smoke as the number one indoor pollutant.

Japanese: Because we finally want to say goodbye to allergies

Pollen allergy can be considered a national disease in Japan. Around 30% of the Japanese population suffers from the condition, and the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is no exception – apparently, just the mentioning of pollen makes his eyes itch. One week after buying a Blueair air purifier to get rid of pollen, a Japanese customer also found his home to be rid of pet odor, and even his chronic pet-sourced allergic rhinitis was gone.

Singapore: Because we want the next generation to breathe freely

Though Singapore is known for its favorable air quality, 40 to 60% percent of its population use an air purifier. Among the top three locations where purifiers are used, one is unique in Singapore: the school. The Singapore government spends 3-4% of its GDP on development of the education system, to ensure that the next generations can have the best amenities, including air.

Germany: Because good food and good air are equally important

Germany also enjoys relatively clean air, yet the usage rate of purifiers is surprisingly high, at 60 to 80%. Perhaps even more surprisingly, the Germans use their air purifier mostly in the kitchen. A survey from 2013 suggested that almost half of the Germans enjoy cooking themselves, and 27% are frequent home-cooks. Also, approximately 10% of the world's Michelin star restaurants are located in Germany.

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