Must Follow Do's and Dont's of Pest Control

Pest control is available to make our lives easier. It saves us time and gets rid of the nuisance value from our homes/offices. We pay the professionals and they help us achieve a required hygiene level at our premises. It's a win-win situation for everyone. However, like everything else in life, a little bit of homework and research always helps. That's why we've listed down a list of must-follow 'Do's and Dont's of Pest Control'. Take a look:

Do's of Pest Control

  • Identify your pest issue: You could be plagued by rats at home or ants or cockroaches or mosquitoes or bed bugs or even termites. It's imperative to identify your pest issue(s) before deciding to take the next step and finding ways for effective pest control at home.
  • Keep your home neat and clean: An untidy home is a haven for creepy crawlies. Leaving around unattended water, unfinished food, crumbs, dishes, overflowing trash cans, etc are examples of this. Untrimmed and badly kept gardens can also attract insects. Maintaining a basic level of hygiene and cleanliness reduces the risks of pests by a massive margin.
  • Seal entry points: If your house is susceptible to insects even if it is being kept neat and clean, it could be external factors to blame. In such cases, ensure you don't have gaps in doors and windows to let unwanted guests in. You can get your frames or doors and windows caulked and filled with pesticides as well. If you own pets, don't forget to get their flea and tick prevention vaccines as they could also attract pests.
  • Dispose of leftovers: Once you use certain ingredients or chemicals for pest control at home, ensure they are disposed of well. Such chemicals put humans at risk, and you should get rid of them when done with. Even more so if you have pets or children at home.

Dont's of Pest Control

  • Don't leave chemicals/products in children's reach: Disposing of is one rule. Before finishing the pest control treatment, make sure none of the sprays or gels applied is in reach of children or pets. This is a very important safety rule. If hiring a pest control service, inform the trained technicians about such risks too.
  • Don't feel bad to ask for help: Most people prefer doing DIY for pest control. While that is a good approach, it can't be followed if the infestation has reached a severe stage. DIY usually helps in repelling pests while pest control will help you eliminate the issues from the roots. Thus, giving you a permanent solution. Getting help from a professional pest control provider is the ultimate way of getting rid of pest issues at home.
  • Don't choose without researching: There are plenty of factors to keep in mind while choosing pest control in India. Don't let price be your driving factor. Local pest controllers offer dirt-cheap rates, but their chemicals are of local quality too. Go online, check reviews and get warranties from pest control providers before making a selection.

Ensure you follow our Do's of pest control and avoid the Don'ts of pest control if you want to eradicate all pest issues at home. One such leader in pest control in India is HiCare, the country's most reputed pest control and home hygiene brand. With presence all across the country, you can keep your family protected and safe from pests and the diseases they carry, 24x7. Get an appointment today by calling HiCare on 8828333888 or you can even visit our website to book a pest control service.