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Don't you just hate the incessant buzzing that these annoying bloodsuckers keep making throughout the night?

Are they making you prone to bumps, redness and inflammation on several parts of your body?

Are the more serious health hazards (such as malaria, dengue etc.) making you anxious?

Mosquitos are a pest that is most spoken about in monsoons but yet taken for granted the rest of the year. The deadliest of diseases are carried by these tiny insects and it's high time to take them seriously and take the necessary step towards mosquito control.

Before getting into mosquito control, let us understand the factors in your environment that encourage mosquitoes to enter or the surroundings that are inviting them into your home without your notice. Apart from the buzzing, these are a few clear indications that prove the presence of these menace-causing insects:-

  • Standing water in your surroundings - Female mosquitoes ideally lay their eggs in water for them to survive. Stale water hence becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Humid weather with high temperature- Favorable condition for mosquitoes to roam in. Indian weather makes it easier for them to survive and cause menace.
  • Dim and shady areas- Mosquitoes hover in the darkness and between closed spaces like the unreachable nooks and corners of your home or office.
  • Inflammation and swelling- Red Bite marks on your body indicate the presence of mosquitoes in your space.

The mere presence of one or more of these indications is enough to denote that your space is in dire need of a mosquito pest control treatment failing which there is a high possibility of this infestation turning into an attack on you and your family’s health and happiness.

Next, we shall briefly throw light upon the behavior of the bloodsucking mosquitoes. Here are a few things you should know about mosquitoes as part of your understanding of the pest, before going ahead with mosquito pest control knowledge and actions.


  • They usually come out at night, but when your home is mosquito-infested, you might see them lingering in the evening too.
  • They hover over your food, fruits etc. anywhere at home, especially in the kitchen.
  • Some species of mosquitoes lay their eggs in moist soil and hatch whenever the soil is flooded with water.

Fact: - A female mosquito can lay hundreds of eggs at a time!

We believe reading all this makes it extremely clear that mosquitoes should not be tolerated. Fathom how the mosquito infestation can dissipate and the situation could easily go out of control if not prevented and taken care of by conducting mosquito pest control at the right time.

If you have a mosquito problem and have been relying on the mosquito pest control products such as sprays and coils available in the market, you would also be aware of how these are utterly ineffective and do not help you in any manner. They are practically a waste of money and your efforts.

Therefore, we suggest that you leave your mosquito pest control problems to us and sit back in peace. Let our hygiene experts perform our well-researched mosquito control service at your homes to get rid of them permanently.

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