Leptospirosis Virus Claims Mumbai Teenager's Life!

We're often discussing the latest diseases and illnesses to be careful of in India. We've spoken about how to be careful of mosquitoes and mosquito-related diseases during the monsoons. However, there seems to be another big issue that's plaguing the country at the moment. In particular, the city of Mumbai. That issue is leptospirosis. A couple of days ago, a Mumbai teenager was the latest to succumb to this new issue of Leptospirosis. He passed away after a few days of being hospitalized. The Kandivali slum dweller was only 16 years old when he was pronounced dead due to leptospirosis. He suffered from multi-organ failure. Then, his condition deteriorated and then went onto the ventilator before dying. This is now a big issue. Mumbai reported three deaths due to leptospirosis by the end of June. Now, there have been two more deaths in July due to this lepto disease. The total count of deaths in the city because it has risen to seven already. This could very well be just the start.

What is Leptospirosis?

The Leptospira bacteria causes this disease. Both wild and domestic animals spread this disease. The Leptospira bacteria transmits to human beings by the urine of infected animals. This could mean direct contact with the animal urine or even in contact with water or soil that contains this urine. The major transmitters of the Leptospira bacteria are rodents. Basically, these are diseases caused by rats!

Leptospirosis causes

If this urine comes in contact through eyes, mouth, nose or breaks in the skin, humans will be infected. These are the main leptospirosis causes. The lepto disease in humans generally happens in lower income groups, living in the open or in wet/mushy areas. You wouldn't find a usual city-dweller living in an apartment catching leptospirosis. Similarly, our latest victim from Kandivali was a slum dweller. Rat diseases in slums is not an unheard-of thing.

Leptospirosis Symptoms

Our victim was Tanmay Pradnye from Mumbai. Don't become the next one to fall prey to these rat diseases. Let's learn about the leptospirosis symptoms in humans. Get professional medical attention when you spot these leptospirosis symptoms and you will survive. This disease is not very common and has less than 5,000 reported cases in India in an average year. Hence, it's very easy to mistake the lepto disease for another one. You can often mistake leptospirosis for malaria, dengue, enteric fever, rickettsiosis, and others. The symptoms of this rat disease are very much like those found in these diseases. Leptospirosis symptoms in humans:

  • High fever
  • Headache and body aches
  • Bleeding
  • Muscle pain
  • Shivering
  • Red eyes
  • Vomiting

Skin rashes and sore throats are other symptoms of this disease. When the leptospirosis symptoms are felt, it could very easily be mistaken for another disease. Hence, avail of medical help immediately. Avail of the leptospirosis treatment before you become the next Tanmay Pradnye. "For the past few days, Tanmay was suffering from body pain, diarrhoea, and vomiting. He was admitted to two private hospitals for treatment since the first one was not well-equipped," said Tanmay's neighbour. He suffered these leptospirosis symptoms before his unfortunate death.

Leptospirosis Treatment

Consult a doctor when you feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms. He/she will conduct a leptospira test and advise the required antibiotics from mosquito control. Don't delay the leptospira test and leptospirosis treatment. This can often lead to kidney and liver failure. It could also lead to more organs collapsing and death, as in Tanmay's case. Hence, stay on high alert and report such symptoms immediately. And then, begin the leptospirosis treatment. The doctor will prescribe Penicillin antibiotic. Apart from that, consume a lot of fluids for rehydration. Drink more fluids if you're at home. If hospitalized, administer fluids by intravenous therapy (IV). Another death due to leptospirosis was that of a 17-year old boy earlier this month. He walked through flood water during the recent heavy rains in Mumbai. He walked around Worli seaface and other parts of the city at this time. Take proper care and maintain good hygiene in such times. If you find yourself wading through water, ensure you go home and wash thoroughly. Consult a doctor immediately if you feel any symptoms. Begin leptospirosis treatment immediately. If you can't avoid, at least learn to ensure leptospirosis prevention and prevention of other diseases caused by rats. From this blog, we hope about leptospirosis causes and leptospirosis prevention. Consult a pest control specialist if you're worried about  you've learned enoughwet areas or unhygienic areas in or around your house. Pest control services like HiCare are professionals in leptospirosis prevention. They ensure you and your family are safe from diseases caused by rats. Call them now!