Learning some of the best ways to repel Bed Bugs

The emergence of bed bugs in your homes can be as bad as World War I and II, the great plague or even a tsunami. Don't underestimate how big a calamity it can be if you begin to have a bed bug infestation at home. However, with research and medical advancements, a number of preventive measures have popped up, including natural as well as synthetic ways to get rid of these parasites. Knowing how to repel bedbugs becomes the biggest positive in such situations. At the infant stage of an infestation, we will want to try as much as possible to get rid of bed bugs. So, today we will guide you through the top ways to repel bedbugs naturally. Remember, take utmost care as these aren't your normal pests. It isn't as easy as repelling mosquitoes and cockroaches. These guys are smaller, multiply quickly and cause a bigger nuisance. They usually look for shelter in our beds and mattresses.

Fear not - beginner ways to keep bedbugs away!

1) Soap

This might sound weird but it's highly effective. The good, old-fashioned soap and water can do the trick better than most pesticides. A simple soap and water solution can be the best way to repel bedbugs. Spray the solution on bed bugs directly or on carpets, mattresses, sofas and other places that the bed bugs may exist.

2) Dryer sheets

A helpful technique could be using dryer sheets in between your mattresses, headboards and bedsheets. While there is no conclusive evidence that this helps in bed bug prevention, it's one of the better ways to keep bed bugs away, and not bite you.

3) Petroleum jelly

Again, you can fight the bed bugs with a home remedy. Apply petroleum jelly on headboards and bed frames to get these crawling creatures stuck while moving. However, this becomes ineffective against bed bugs who are already hidden in your mattress.

4) Alcohol

Let's not waste an expensive bottle of Jack Daniels for this purpose. However, an old remedy to repel bedbugs is using a 91 per cent solution isopropyl alcohol. Again, this is flammable so if not used rightly, you could end up bringing down your house in flames.

5) Baby powder

Diatomaceous earth is an effective desiccant used to kill bed bugs by deteriorating the outer layers of their exoskeleton. You can use baby powder for the same purpose. It covers bed bugs' musky scent and can even slow them down a bit. However, the properties of the baby powder aren't strong enough to kill bed bugs.

6) Essential oils

Essential oils are used by homeowners around the world to fight bedbugs. Cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, clove oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, thyme oil, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil. These are said to be effective when mixed with an atomizer and used in a spray bottle to repel bed bugs.

7) Pest control

In all of the above natural and home remedies to repel bedbugs, you might have noticed that none are foolproof. Hence, it's always better to ask for professional help when it comes to these creatures. If your natural ways to keep bed bugs away don't work, call the experts. One of India's leading pest control and home hygiene brands is HiCare, a company that has been satisfying customers around 100+ cities in India in the past many years. A simple call to 8828333888 is the first step towards eradicating bed bugs from your home. The bed bug service for a single room home begins at just INR 3,950, and it comes with a 45-day warranty as well. Call now to keep your family protected!