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Bed bugs are only 5 millimeters long, which is about the size of a pencil eraser. These bugs are intelligent and robust, and they reproduce rapidly. Bed bugs know where to hide in order to avoid discovery and can go months without eating. In her lifetime, a female can lay 500 eggs; if these points are not enough to convince you that pest control bed bugs are important, you haven’t probably experienced one.

However, the mere mention of bed bugs can send a chill down the spine of a homeowner. Thus, in case of severe bed bug infestation, immediately call a bed bug pest control provider to stop them. While finding the best pest control service for bed bugs could be time-consuming, small changes and remedies can help you manage them to some extent.

Instead of searching for how to keep bed bugs away, here are several tips and methods that can help you keep them at bay or control them until you find the right kind of pest control for bed bug infestation at your home.

  1. Essential Oils
  2. Essential oils have received a lot of hype in recent years for pest protection, and they've been hailed as particularly helpful around dogs and children. Some essential oils have been clinically proven to be effective at repelling bed bugs. As mentioned earlier, bed bugs can go without eating for at least a couple of months.

    That means that while using essential oils to deter bed bugs may work momentarily, the effect of the oils will most likely wear off before the bed bugs die. These are essential oils that can help you get rid of bed bugs in your house.

  3. Petroleum Jelly
  4. There are a variety of ways to use petroleum jelly as a bed insect repellant. Smear it on the bed frame and headboard, as well as down the bed legs, is a popular way. Pests are supposed to get stuck as they crawl up the bed looking for a host, but what if bed bugs are already lurking in the mattress? There aren't many things that can stop bed bugs from sucking your blood, and petroleum jelly isn't one of them.

  5. Peppermint Leaves & Oil
  6. Peppermint is likely to come up as one of the alternatives when people look for information on how to get rid of bed bugs naturally. peppermint's aroma is said to repel bed bugs, thus, people are used to it. The leaves should be crushed and sprinkled around affected regions to distribute the oil, according to the most popular approach, and the process should be continued until all symptoms of bed bugs are gone.

    However, not only does it appear to be a time-consuming method, but it also appears to be a clumsy one that will produce few benefits.

  7. Alcohol
  8. Alcohol kills bed bugs in two ways. It first acts as a solvent, meaning it destroys the bug's outer shell. Although the dissolving effect may be sufficient to kill some bedbugs, alcohol packs a two-for-one punch. It also functions as a desiccant or a material that causes things to dry out.

    After the exterior shell has been dissolved, the alcohol dries out the insides of the bug, completing the task. It also kills eggs by dissolving and drying them out, preventing them from hatching. However, we can not ignore the fact that alcohol is flammable.

  9. Black Walnut Tea
  10. Black walnut tea is said to have bed bug repellent properties. To try this technique, you need to spread used tea bags throughout your house and cover beds along with any open crevices. This method can help eliminate both bed insect eggs and adults. On the other hand, there is no data to back this notion and you’re more likely to squander time than getting rid of parasites.

  11. Baby powder
  12. Baby powder has little effect on bed bugs. Because its qualities aren't strong enough to pierce the outer shell of these bugs, it's unlikely to have the same dehydrating effects. Baby powder is not an effective homemade bed bug repellent, despite the fact that it masks their musty odor.

  13. Dryer Sheets
  14. Dryer sheets are a popular solution that many people believe is the most efficient way to get rid of bed bugs. Many people have found it to be beneficial in getting rid of bed bugs. Dryer sheets are precisely developed to help your clothes retain their soft feel after passing through the high heat of the drying process. However, there is no conclusive evidence to support this idea.

  15. Pest Control
  16. The best solution of how to prevent bed bugs is pest control. Although all the above-mentioned ways are believed to be effective, pest control service for a bed bug is a sure-shot solution. The company provides pest control for bed bugs and scientifically designs the service with an integrated approach. A responsible pest control service provider for bed bugs ensures that your home is bed bug-free after their service visit. Unlike other remedies stated above, with pest control service, a homeowner is less likely to see any cons of it.

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