Is your kitchen even dirtier than your toilet?

Yes, you have read it right. The latest researches show that the kitchen sink is the dirtiest portion of the house. It is most likely to harbor disease causing bacteria. It is even dirtier than the toilet bowl. Also, merely washing it isn’t enough as it leaves behind microscopically small food particles which can turn it into a breeding ground of harmful disease causing bacteria. We must give a serious consideration to cleaning kitchen sink and also cleaning kitchen in general.

Kitchen has been given an almost sacred importance in our Indian culture. To keep a clean kitchen is one thing that is always on the mind of all our prudent cooks and housewives. Yet we cannot say that we have a clean kitchen once we have just wiped away all the visible impurities. A clean kitchen requires more than just that. We must properly disinfect it and also remove completely the least trace of both dust and grease. Along with that there are many other things that we must pay attention to. It might take us a lot of time if we start kitchen cleaning in a traditional way. So, for your convenience we have listed a few easy and efficient kitchen cleaning methods here. You can easily employ these simple kitchen cleaning methods in your day to day life as they are specially chosen just because they do not require too much of your time.

Cleaning Kitchen Sink

You must always begin with the sink. It is the dirtiest little corner of the kitchen and requires the most thorough cleaning. To clean kitchen sink here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Make sure you have washed all the utensils.
  • Pour hot water into the sink and clog its drain.
  • Put bleach into the water.
  • Let the water stand for some time and then drain it.
  • Pour fresh water into the sink and scrub it clean
You can also use a proper kitchen cleaner rather than bleach; just make sure that the kitchen cleaner that you use is eco-friendly.

Cleaning Kitchen Floor

Kitchen floor should be your next target. With all the numerous activities going on in the kitchen, the kitchen floor gets dirty easily. There might also be grease stains on the kitchen floor that are not that easily removed. So, first of all you must mop the kitchen floor using proper disinfectant and after that if stains are still left on it then you must sprinkle some washing powder on the stained area and then scrub it clean and wipe it again.

Cleaning Kitchen Counter

Just like the kitchen floor you can simply wipe the kitchen counter and scrub it clean. But you must take in consideration your choice of the kitchen cleaner this time. Make sure that the kitchen cleaner you are using is eco-friendly. It is preferred that you buy the best kitchen cleaner that is available in the market. As if you choose some cheap substitute in its place then rather than cleaning your kitchen you might end up cross contaminating it.

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

You do not have to clean kitchen cabinets every day. Mere dusting with a dust cloth is enough. But once in a month you must wipe it clean using a solution of washing soda or vinegar to keep it as clean as it should be.

Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

From microwave to exhaust fan, from electrical chimney to refrigerator and toaster, our kitchens are filled with electrical appliances. Every appliance has to be cleaned in its own specific way. But as far as day to day cleaning is concerned you should wipe all of them with a solution of vinegar or baking soda. Also, for cleaning the portions of the appliance that you cannot reach with a wiping cloth you must make use of a simple brush.

It would hardly take you 15-20 minutes to clean the kitchen if you follow these instructions. It would also save you from facing the difficult task of cleaning an ugly and a messy kitchen.

But if your kitchen is already a mess and if it is too late for you to employ the daily kitchen cleaning methods to clean it; then maybe it is the time when you should contact the professionals.

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