How To Stop Birds From Flying Into Your Windows

Birds flying in the open sky and perching on a tree do look beautiful. But what if the same birds fly into your house windows? This is one thing that no one ever likes. Birds like pigeons, crows, and sparrows are common to hit your windows during the day. The banging of the birds on your windows is not just noisy but may shatter your window panes too. At the same time, when birds hit your windows, many a times they tend to get injured.

So, are there any ways to stop these birds from flying into your windows? Yes, thankfully, several tricks are helpful to keep these birds away from your windows. Stay tuned to read our whole discussion on how to keep pigeons away from windows?

Why do Birds Hit Your Windows?

Before we disclose the smartest ways to keep birds away from your home, we want you to know the reasons for which these aerial creatures hit your windows. In most cases, birds consider windows as open spaces and hit them unknowingly in an attempt to fly further. Another reason for birds to hit your windows is due to the window reflection. The reflection imparted by the windows gives them the feeling that another bird is sitting there to attack them. As a result, they peck at your windows to attack their own reflection in the glass.

10 Tips to Stop Birds From Flying Into Your Windows

So, how to stop birds pecking at windows? This seems to be a tough task but not impossible at all if you follow these tips:


  • Minimize Window Reflections: The first and foremost thing you need to do to stop birds from hitting your windows is to reduce the window reflection. There are ample ways to do so. The formula here is to not attract the birds to the window reflection. If the windows won’t reflect, they are probably not going to hit your windows.
  • Install Bird Tape on Your Windows: The second interesting way to stop birds from flying into your windows is by installing bird tape. As mentioned before, when birds see their own reflections in windows, they tend to consider them as other birds and attack them. So, installing bird tape means reducing the window reflection and posing a barrier for the birds to peck at your windows.
  • Keep Bird Feeders Away from Windows: One of the easiest ways to keep birds away from your windows is by placing the bird feeders and baths away from the window area. Keeping these too close to your windows will attract them to sit there. So, try to keep these bird feeders away to avoid their collisions with your window glass.
  • Install One-Way Clear Window Film: Still looking for ways how to stop birds from pecking at windows? Then, try installing a one-way transparent window film. These films are colorless and allow you to see outside through the windows but won’t let anyone outside see within. Such a film reduces the light coming out of your window and may keep the birds away.
  • Install Bird Net for Windows: The smartest and the most popular way to keep birds away from your windows and balconies is by installing the bird net. Nowadays, more people are opting for bird nets to prevent these flying creatures away from open areas of their house. These bird nets are durable and lightweight and don’t hamper views from your windows or balconies. Once installed by a professional company like HiCare that excels in providing bird netting services, these nets stay in place for many years serving the exact purpose of keeping the birds away.
  • Install Mosquito Screens: Mosquito screens are not just an excellent way to keep mosquitoes away, they also help in bird protection. They prevent birds from hitting your windows. Try installing dark-colored mosquito screen mesh to make it visible to the birds from a distance. As a result, they won’t fly and hit your windows or get injured.
  • Install Outside Window Covers: You may also try installing external sun shades or outside window covers to keep the bird mess away from your windows. These covers will prevent the birds from hitting your windows and keep your house cool, preventing heat from the windows.
  • Install Window External Shutters: Consider installing window external shutters to prevent birds from flocking at your windows. You may choose to remove and shut these as per your wish at the desired hour of the day. With these window external shutters, birds are less likely to hit your windows. Moreover, they help keep your interiors cool without allowing heat to creep inside.
  • Install Window Zen Curtains: It is an innovative way to enhance the beauty of your windows and also keep the birds away. Zen curtains are closely spaced ropes hung down over your windows. Easy to install and very effective in keeping the birds away from pecking at your windows, Zen curtains are slowly gaining popularity as a means of making your windows appealing.
  • Try Motion Sensor Lights Near Windows: Another smart trick to stop birds from flying into your windows is by installing motion sensor lights near them. Birds often get distracted by lights and might stay away from your windows. Lights tend to disorient their motion and they get lost and move away from the light.



Living in urban areas, we already have limited greenery, and therefore, a house with windows is a must. With windows, often comes the problem of birds pecking at the glasses. The shortcut to get rid of this problem of pigeons and other birds flocking at your windows is by installing bird nets. HiCare is an established hygiene company that provides bird netting services to repel these birds from your windows and balconies. They make sure no birds are injured while installing these non-rusting and UV-resistant kabutar jail or bird netting. So, say goodbye to the problem of birds flying into your windows with bird netting services from HiCare.