How To Install Birds & Pigeon Spikes

With the ever-increasing number of pigeons in the metro cities, it is important to take control of them and the nuisance that they bring about in our homes. One of the best, as well as a cost-effective solution, are bird spikes, a setup which makes it unpleasant for the birds to land.

They can be mounted easily anywhere right from the ceiling, fences, ledges, A.C. units as well as curved surfaces like pipes. Although they are meant to keep the birds away, they are usually blunted to make sure that they don't hurt or wound the birds.

They come in various shapes and sizes to target specific or all type of birds as well as different colours to help match your house or building. The spikes that are used for larger birds like pigeons and crows might prove futile against their smaller counterparts like sparrows and hence a proper recce of the area needs to be done before installing them.

The spikes have pre-drilled holes and can be screwed to the surface for better stability, but if this is not possible then they can be glued or tied down to the surface as well. With a plastic base, the rods of the spike can either be plastic or aluminium pointing outwards and upwards. The rods that are used instead for the spikes are thin and virtually invisible from a distance making sure they don't mess with the artistic look of a building.

Steps to install birds & pigeon spikes

  1. The first step to finding a solution is recognizing the problem itself. Examine who your main targets are because the spikes come in varying sizes and shapes for sparrows, pigeons, crows, seagulls. You need to scrutinize the area where the spikes are going to be mounted since the length of the spike's base, as well as the width of the spike strips, have to be effective in keeping the birds away.
  2. Before installing the spikes, sanitize the area with an antiseptic for any bird droppings or nesting material. Wear gloves and a dust mask for your protection.
  3. Depending on the surrounding and the material of the platform, the pre-assembled spikes can either be drilled or glued with a heavy-duty construction adhesive or tied down. If there is a gap between the spikes and the wall, another row of spikes will have to be mounted to block the area completely.
  4. The spikes will start to deteriorate after a certain period of time due to harsh weather or construction near the spikes installed area. Keep an eye out for any damaged spike. Replace it immediately before the birds start dirtying the place.

Although the steps involved in the installation of the spikes seem easy, it requires some sort of experience as the installation involves dealing with potential risks in hostile surroundings like rooftops or ledges. Let Hicare's professionals help you with choosing the right set of spikes for your needs as well as installing them efficiently. We are present all over India and have a good reputation when it comes to bird control for houses, offices as well as buildings. Call us on 080-46809272 to talk to our specialists in bird control & bird netting and get a customized quote for your property.