Expert Tips - Top 5 Remedies for Bed Bug Bites!

Barely a couple of millimetres long, bed bugs are small insects that enter your homes and start creating a nuisance. They live in cracks and crevices around beds, pillows and mattresses. Their activity is only at night when we're asleep and they survive only on human blood. These parasites can leave us frustrated with bites even though they don't usually carry health risks to humans. These bites can agitate use for days to come and today, we'll talk about the best remedies for bed bug bites. Once bitten, twice shy is a very famous proverb that induces caution after being hurt once. However, in the case of bed bugs, the marks remain. The red patches and swellings are from bites and they usually bite in patterns. The itchiness is what can drive us mad and we though it's necessary to put up an article on the remedies for bed bug rashes...

Our top 5 remedies for bed bug bites:

1) Aloe Vera

The gel from the aloe vera plant probably has 100+ medical uses, hence known as the 'wonder plant'. Similarly, with bites from bed bugs, apply the gel in the affected areas of your skin. The amino acids present in the gel helps in cooling and reduction in itching and burning sensation in your skin.

2) Toothpaste

Did you know that your Pepsodent or Colgate toothpaste could be one of the best remedies for bed bug rashes? Well now you do. You will have to apply more than you would be aloe vera to get relief from itching. It's the menthol in the toothpaste that makes it a decent anti-itch remedy.

3) Calamine lotion

This is something readily available at almost any pharmacy or home products store. Calamine is used for bites of most insects and is also used to help with chickenpox measles, eczema and more. The lotion not only provides relief from itching but also dries the rash and protects your skin.

4) Baking soda + water

This is among the best remedies for bed bug bites because it's so easily procurable. Both substances are easily available at home and making a paste of this mixture doesn't take up too much of our time either. Once ready, apply the paste to the skin where the rash is. Let it dry and then wipe it off with some cotton.

5) Lemon juice

No, it's not for drinking. But for applying to our bites. Lemon juice has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties while also being a natural astringent. Again, this becomes one of your most convenient remedies for bed bug rashes, and one that doesn't consume too much time.

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

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