Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips: How to keep your bathroom clean the whole day

Bathroom is that one portion of the house which gets dirty most easily and most frequently. Its steamy and slippery nature makes it an ideal spot for the accumulation of both dirt and mud. The situation becomes particularly more problematic in modern day flats where to save the space even the toilets are attached to the bathrooms. It is never an easy job to keep a clean bathroom. Even in hotel rooms bathrooms have to be cleaned at least once in a day. Just like them we must also clean them every day. And in case if we ignore them for a long time then we have to tackle a thick layer of grime and dust which in turn is not that easy to clean. So, bathroom cleaning is something that all of us are bound to take up seriously.

Though bathroom cleaning can seem a little difficult but if we handle things in a systematic way then there's nothing for us to worry about. There are several different portions in our bathroom; some require daily cleaning while others have to be cleaned once in a week. So, depending upon the frequency of cleaning we can divide bathroom cleaning into three simple phases:

Everyday Bathroom Cleaning

The easiest way to keep the bathroom clean is by preventing it from getting dirty. If we keep separate footwear for bathroom and wipe the bathroom floor every time we take a shower then that would save us a lot of trouble. We must ventilate our bathroom for at least thirty minutes every day to prevent the growth of fungus. We should also clean bathroom tiles and bathroom floor every day and if simple wiping does not help then we can follow the following easy steps while cleaning bathroom tiles:

  1. Pour a mixture of white vinegar and water over the portion that you want to clean.
  2. Let the mixture remain for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Wipe it clean with warm water.
  4. Wipe the portion dry.

Always remember that most of the bathroom cleaning chemicals that we generally use are not eco-friendly. Using white vinegar or baking soda is always the best option.

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning

Apart from the daily bathroom tiles cleaning and daily bathroom floor cleaning we must perform the following in our weekly bathroom cleaning routine:

  1. Scrub and thoroughly clean bathroom tiles and bathroom floor.
  2. Wipe and clean all the bathroom mirrors using glass cleaner.
  3. Unclog all the drains.
  4. Unclog all the showerheads.
  5. Scrub and clean bathtubs and washbasins using a mixture of white vinegar and water.
  6. Pour a cup of baking soda into the toilet and brush it clean after half an hour.
  7. Scrub and wash the toilet seat with warm water.

Monthly Bathroom Cleaning

It is necessary that we clean the bathroom thoroughly once in a month. Monthly bathroom cleaning includes all the steps that we do in both daily and weekly bathroom cleaning. And apart from that we can also do the following:

  1. Wash and scrub the walls and ceiling of the bathroom.
  2. Scrub and clean all the faucets, pipes and exhaust fans.
  3. Scrub and clean the window glass and other glassware.
  4. Pour a solution of baking soda and white vinegar down the drain and after 10 minutes flush it clean with hot water.

If we stick to this regimen then we can be assured that our bathroom would always remain clean. We would not have to worry about it anymore.

But it could be hard for us to include all this in our daily routine. In our busy fast paced lives we find it ever the more difficult to devote any time to our household chores. So it isn't something that we should worry about as we can always call professional help to our assistance.

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