Dangerous Indian Insects- Quick Facts

India has a rich biodiversity. The Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) in their report of fauna in 2020 reported a total of 102,718 species of fauna, with 557 new species including 407 newly described species and 150 new country records. India has been home to many kinds of insects, bugs, arthropods, etc. Most of the insects are small however they cause major damage to us including our health. These dangerous Indian insects have the ability to kill humans as well as animals due to the high amount of venom in their bodies. Here’s a list of some of the deadliest insects that are found in India.

Dangerous Insects in India

Red Ant (Fire Ant)

Red ants have a very sharp sting. When they sense the slightest sight of danger they immediately sting the person or the animal, they feel is dangerous to their life. Their stings are really painful and can last up to 5 days. The place where they sting swells into a bump that causes pain and irritation. They are found in some remote areas of Madhya Pradesh and Kerala.

Indian Wasp

The red wasp, yellow wasp, black wasp as well as paper wasp are some of the deadliest insects in India. These harmful insects can sting more than once as they do not leave their stingers behind like the bees. You would not want to get on their bad side by going near their nests and aggravating this killer insect. They are majorly found in southern Asia and Andaman Nicobar islands.


These tiny reddish-brown creatures are known to cause a lot of woes as well as multiple diseases. Among the most common Indian insects, they are found in almost every household across the globe. These nocturnal creatures are usually found in garages and kitchens, and they thrive on the leftover food that we leave. Even a dead cockroach can spread allergies. You really don’t want to have them in your house. But if you do then you can definitely opt for cockroach pest control service from HiCare.


Mosquitoes are members of a group of almost 3,600 species of small flies within the family Culicidae. The mosquito alone is responsible for 2,05,000 deaths annually on average. Diseases like dengue, malaria, zika virus, west-nile disease, yellow fever, and chikungunya are spread by these tiny vicious creatures. Their bite causes more irritation than pain. If you are facing a major mosquito issue in your building or home. You can take help from the Mosquito control treatment from HiCare.


The giant black Indian scorpion, as well as the Indian red scorpion, are one of the most dangerous insects. The major chunk of their population is found in Maharashtra. The Indian red scorpion ranks among the most harmful insect species in the world. Their stings are truly life-threatening. So it is in your best interest to maintain a safe distance from them if your life is precious to you.


Termites are not easy to detect and hence they are known as silent destroyers. Their main nutrition comes from feasting on wood and wooden articles like wooden floors, wallpapers, etc. If you don’t take action against them early, it can eat up the entire furniture at your place. HiCare provides an anti-termite treatment that is highly advisable in such situations. You can book the service easily from our website.

The Asian Giant Hornet

The Asian Giant Hornet is among the deadliest winged insects found in India. They are one of the most poisonous insects. This killer insect has very high venom toxicity. It has 8 different types of toxins that can cause you cardiac arrest or even an anaphylactic shock if it stings you. They are found largely in the northern part of India.


In India, there are four different types of bees found. If you do not interfere in their work, these creatures are very calm, but if agitated they can attack you in a swarm. They sting continuously and all at the same time which is dangerous. This insect has a sting so powerful that it can cause swelling and unconsciousness. For bees, it is a measure of self-defence to protect themselves and their honey. They are mainly found in the forested Himalayas in India terai of Nepal.


Earthworms occur worldwide wherever they find favourable temperature, soil and water. They carry numerous bacteria and diseases that they spread all over, wherever they go. Today, 445 valid species and subspecies of earthworms are found in the Indian territory including the islands surrounding it.


Apart from the above-mentioned harmful insects and creatures, there are many other dangerous insects found in India. Some of them are as follows: praying mantis, earthworm, spider and mupli beetle. It is important to stay aware of them whenever you visit a jungle or similar place for safari and trekking. You must stay with your group and follow all the instructions given by the group leader. For the pests that you can find in your house, apartment, colony and office you must carry out pest control service. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, etc are some of those pests.

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