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Get the best Mosquito pest control service in Mumbai for homes and offices with HiCare. Check out a few reasons why professional mosquito control is required.

Mosquitoes are those pesky pests that find their way inside your home mostly through an open door or window. They usually are most active during the night and in hidden areas. A lot of homeowners find mosquitoes under sinks and closets and washing areas. To clear the myth, female mosquitoes inject you in search of a blood meal to aid in egg production. A male mosquito doesn’t inject. Let’s see a few reasons why professional mosquito control is required.

  • Encephalitis
  • Dengue
  • Malaria
  • Zika virus

These are some commonly spread diseases via mosquitoes. When infected mosquitoes spread germs to people, acting faster and getting a mosquito pest control can stop the further spread and prevent sickness. In addition to being one of the most irritating insects in the world, a female mosquito can lay around 100 to 300 eggs at once. This means that a different family will be breeding in the house that you’ll be living in. Not only us, but if they bite, our pets also become victims. Mosquitoes spring carry heartworm disease which can be harmful to both dogs and cats.

Why is professional mosquito pest control needed?

Most of the Indian households are well acquainted with mosquitoes and how they can create a nuisance. There are a lot of reasons why a mosquito would attack your space, some of them being-

  • Improper sanitation system
  • Improper garbage disposal system
  • Standing water

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Even if you have a tub full of water and you don’t move it, within a few days there’ll be mosquitoes lurking around. They pose a serious threat wherein people even have to be hospitalised at times to fight the disease. If ignored for a longer period of time, they can cause serious threats to people around them.

– Ease of booking

Booking online professional mosquito pest control services just got easier with HiCare. Just visit, add your pin code and select the service which you want to book. Select the number of rooms which you want to book the service for and make the payment. The ease of booking through a digital portal helps people book professional mosquito control easily with HiCare.

– Health threats

From a year-old baby to the eldest member of the house, everybody is exposed to mosquitoes and their serious health effects. No matter how much we try to swat them away, at the end of the day they come back. Availing pest control services for the matter of ease booking and technical know-how is a great idea. An online mosquito pest control can help you get rid of pests and protect your family. Even a small bite causes itching which leads to rashes and marks for days. It is always better to be cautious in such cases.

– Surrounding water

Mosquitoes can breed in water near your house and can cause health issues for your kids and elders. No matter how much you try to swoosh them, they always find a way to come back. When you get professional mosquito pest control services, you can avoid such mishaps.

– Itching

Mosquito bites can really make you itchy and can cause skin problems. They not only suck your blood but also leave red marks on your face, arms and legs. If you have a newborn at home, this can affect their health a lot and basically give you sleepless nights.

Sign a yearly contract

Signing a yearly contract can help you get the services at regular intervals without having the need to book every time. Based on your thorough research, you can book an appointment for online mosquito pest control and sign a contract on satisfactory results. This can be very cost-efficient and helpful in the long run.

Mosquitoes are those pests that shouldn’t be considered lightly. At HiCare, we use our 3X Mosquito Control which covers smart air, smart walls and smart water to get rid of mosquitoes. With expert services at your doorstep, book now at or call 8828333888.

Book best Mosquito Pest Control Services in Mumbai | HiCare

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