Bird Netting is Cost Effective Way to Prevent Bird Damage

Birds have always been one of the most peaceful and beautiful creations. Be it the humble pigeon who has been a human's companion for thousands of years or the tiny little sparrow whose chirping pacifies our soul. But when these beautiful birds get too involved in our lives, necessary measures must be taken. The pigeons through their feather droppings and feces transmit diseases that can be as serious as fatal to us. These flying pests are not only dangerous to our health, they can also cause financial setbacks to us in more ways than one.

There are many ways you can get rid of the birds but a cheap and an enduring alternative is a bird netting, a mechanism to prevent the urban bird from accessing precise areas in your house or the building. A humane yet a sturdy barrier against the birds, it is an ideal approach if you have a large balcony or even a small opening through which sparrows might break into. This pigeon exclusion technique is used all over the world and effectively used against all types of birds for even as large as seagulls and falcons.

Bird Netting is the most efficient yet most economical when it comes to all the options of keeping the birds away. Although there are nets easily available in the home improvement stores, the installation part could be tricky as the parameters of the birds needs to be considered.

Hicare, the best bird control management service in India is here to help you with your pest associated worries. The Hicare's experts are very well versed in the different type birds as well as the type and quality of nets required. The netting provided by Hicare are either black or white in colour with a 3-year warranty. The Bird netting protection comes in various shapes and sizes right from protection against smaller birds like sparrows to protection against heavier birds like pigeons and crows. For a different type of birds, there are different types of nets as well the size of net gauging available.

We at Hicare during installation make sure that the netting being mounted blends with the façade of the building and doesn't mess too much with the artistic vision of your apartment either from inside or outside your house. The nets used by Hicare are heavy duty polyethylene nets that are UV resistant, carefully mounted on a Wired Framework. The mounting of the net is a highly specialized job as it involves calculating the height, width and the area of the net with respect to the size of the building. Only the best quality bird netting is used as the persistent birds must be kept out bird pressure sites at all times. Call us on 080-46809272 to speak to know more about the bird control service!