Back In Action, With Every Safety Precaution

Covid-19 has been 2020's biggest threat. Right from the beginning, it has been a threat to humans and the world has suffered a lot. This highly infectious disease has travelled across countries at a very rapid pace. Initially, a lockdown was the only solution to stay safe and stay away from the deadly virus. However, lockdown too has had a major impact on the lives of people. Especially those who run their own business. Right from shop owners to owners of big organizations, the lockdown has shown its tremendous effect on everyone. And hence, gradually, the world is coming back to normal life. Re-opening offices, shops, garages, etc. has been a huge relief. While we are yet to get a vaccine for the virus, there are a few common measures that are mandatory. Measures like maintaining social distance, wearing masks, having warm water, using sanitizers, etc. have become a habit now. This is why this phase is said to be "the new normal." But just taking these precautions to re-open offices isn't enough. There's a lot more to be done to ensure safety. Employees would return to work only when you are assured of proper safety norms being taken. Apart from practicing strict hygiene, there's something more to the list.  These precautionary measures include cleaning and disinfection. People often cough and sneeze, covering it with their hands. After which they tend to touch various surfaces or touchpoints. This leads to an easy spread of the virus. That's because whenever an individual touches or comes in contact with a contaminated surface, he or she invites the virus into their body unknowingly. These common surfaces or touch points include taps in the sink, door handles, vehicle handles, pantry area, desks or tables, etc. Studies have shown that it just takes 2-4 hours for germs to spread from one infected person to the whole office. Hence, proper and regular cleaning & disinfecting of such surfaces is a must. Your office might have housekeeping staff that takes proper care of cleaning the office at regular intervals. But when it comes to protecting your employees and staff members from a deadly disease, you need experts who have better knowledge and proper tools to deal with it. These are experts who are trained to handle such operations. They will enter your premises with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and the high-level disinfectant. Right from touchpoints to every other surface, they will clean and disinfect every essential thing to avoid further contamination. This will ensure proper safety and will help your employees focus on work. Taking the help of these professionals will make your premise safe and normal. Things can return to normal without being worried about health or the spread of the virus. Cleaning and disinfecting under the help of experts with proper tools followed by regular cleaning by your housekeeping staff will keep everyone in your office safe and distant from the virus. So that you and your team can be back in action, with every safety precaution. To get your office space sanitised professionally, give a Missed Call to HiCare at 080-471-90905