Amazing Facts About Insects

Insects play a vital role in keeping our ecosystems healthy. Among other things, they break down organic matter and enrich our soil. They provide food for larger animals in the food chain. There's a world of fascinating insects to discover and to get you started. There are many facts about insects which many people are unaware of.

Take a look at these amazing facts about insects:

According to scientists, there have been around 1.5 million species of organisms to have walked on this planet. These insects have vouched for 2/3rd of it. Further studies revealing that there might have been around 9 million species. Ninety percent of these creatures belong to the group called "Insecta".

They have an admirable rate of reproduction and are very tiny creatures along with having tough exoskeletons; hence the reasons for their survival are very clear. Apart from Antarctica, they have adapted to almost every climatic zone, hence inhabiting the world. You can likely say that they are "globe-trotters"! All bugs belong to the group of insects, but all insects are not necessarily bugs.

Insects do not breathe through their mouths, as weird as it may sound they breathe through their sides. Their hearts are generally a segmented and chambered vessel which is running along their back, unlike humans where it is enclosed in the rib cage.

One of the unique features of all insects is that they all have a set of compound eyes. They act like pixels and build up a mosaic of the visual. This even provides a 360-degree view, making it easier for insects to catch their prey in mid-air.  Their lifespan is usually a few days or weeks, but some queens (ants, bees, wasps) can live for many decades.

How many times have you just looked down and seen an ant or a trail of ants passing by you? These creatures have even surpassed humans when it comes to populating this planet! No wonder it is very common to have ant infestations in almost every household. Apart from this, these tiny creatures are very hard working and strong, carrying up to three times of their own weight. Take a look at facts about insects.

Termite Queen

Did you know that a termite queen has one of the greatest reproduction abilities in the world! On any given day (and I mean a single day!) she can produce 6,000-7,000 eggs. At this rate, if she would never stop, maybe termites could surpass ants also.


Out of all insects on this planet, bees are very useful to humans. Keeping aside the fact that they might sting you as a measure of self-defense when threatened, they are one of the major contributors to making this planet have flowers by pollinating them. Apart from that, how can we forget the tasty honey as well as the numerous health benefits that we get along with that sweet nectar, all given to us by these creatures!


You are more likely to be bitten by a mosquito on a full moon night as proven by scientists and this bite can be up to 500% more painful. The reason is not known yet, but studies have concluded the same.

Mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women, people who might be a little smelly (maybe that's why you always find them near garbage dumps) and people who fidget a lot. There are 50% higher chances of you being bitten if you are continuously in motion.


The reason that you will find cockroaches anywhere and everywhere is because they can survive any conditions and still live. Imagine having to hold your breath for 40 minutes! Yes, you read that right, cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes and be submerged underwater for as long as half an hour, without having any effects on their bodies or organs.


A rat is capable of reproducing when it is just 3 weeks old, no wonder the rat menace is never easy to go! These filthy creatures are very loyal to each other though, and they look after sick or injured rats and never leave their group.

Although these facts about insects are very unique and you might be amazed, you cannot forget the nuisance that these creatures cause, if they infest your home. Also, they can cause some serious illnesses if not controlled, some of which could be fatal. Apart from monetary damage, having pests infest your home takes a toll on the mental well being of a person too. You can always google DIYs, but if the matter is too serious it is always recommended to call a pest control expert.