The Best Cleaning and Organizing Tricks We Learned This Year

The art of organizing and cleaning a house is a never-ending task. Every day we come across new tips and tricks to improve our house or how can we effectively clean our carpet. However, to make your work easily, the professional house cleaning hacks we would like to share with you:

Clean keyboards with sticky notes

Simply turn the keyboard to tap out hidden crumbs. Now gradually move one side of the sticky note between the keys to hold the debris accumulated.

Hide things inside your drawers

You can simply stash your things in the drawer that you hardly need them daily. This helps you reduce the mess in your house while keeping all your valuable door space empty.

Use tongs to dust your blinds

Cleaning your blinds? Getting your hand, dusty? Here is an amazing solution using tongs! Lock a microfiber cloth onto the tool along with rubber bands, and pull the cloth across each strand.

Clean crevices with toothbrush bristles

Say goodbye to those bacteria's hiding with the help of your old toothbrush. All you need is to get a warm water, toothbrush, and soap.

Add a bonus shelf to make more space

Want to make more space for storage in your fridge? Simply store your tall milk and juice containers lying on their side.

Hang shelves on wasted wall space

You can use those narrow walls and doors that is in your kitchen shelves left forgotten. You can simply store your hanging materials and spices that will add up to extra storage space.

Remove wrinkles with ice cubes

Want to wear your wrinkled shirt but falling short on time to iron it? Just put a few ice cubes in your dryer. The ice will melt while creating moisture.

Use shoe organizers all over your house

Unable to find your favourite perfume or cleaners because of the mess? Store them anywhere near your kitchen or in your makeup collections.

Hide important papers in a bench

Having a lot of papers and folders to place, but aren't finding a proper place to preserve them? Here is a solution. Simply place those papers and folders beneath your bed or bench while placing a pretty floral cushion on the top. Note: Avoid using vinegar on marble, stone floors or countertops. Need Home Cleaning services?? Call us @080-46809272 or visit us"