Get Rid Of These Travel-Savvy Pests While Holidaying

It's time for Christmas and New Year; you might plan for a mini-vacation. But beware of those travel-savvy pests. You might end-up packing critters along with your favorite clothes and gifts. These wingless insects know no boundaries except for surviving on your blood.Bed bugs (khatmal or dhekun) travel with you and infest every nook and corner of your accommodation. Their flattened bodies make it possible to enter your luggage undetected, hence it becomes necessary to prevent bed bugs from entering your home.

These pesky pests have been the core pest-problem from decades. These bugs are active and resilient as long as there is a food source. They can survive throughout the year by hiding in the remote areas and cracks in your home. Unlike other pests, they don't build nests or cobwebs to be swiped-off. Therefore, it's a daunting task to detect these tiny bugs. These tiny pests can turn your nights into a nightmare and cause you severe health problems. Often, hotels are likely to get affected by these annoying critters. Day-in and day-out hotels accommodate people, posing a danger of getting bed-bug infestation.

How to prevent bed bugs while and after travelling

  • Precisely inspect your hotel room before unpacking your bags to prevent the bud-crushing infestation. Look around the corners and holes of the sofa, furniture and bed. Inspect the sheets, mattress seams to spot the stains or signs of bed bugs (khatmal or dhekun) these are the suspected place for bugs to attack you during nights.

  • If you suspect any infestation then immediately change your room without a second thought. While changing your room, be sure to keep a safe distance from the infested room. This prevents the bed bug to hitchhike via housekeeping carts or through wall sockets.

  • Remember to place your suitcase in a protective cover to avoid bug invasion until your departure. Use the protective cover till your check-out from the hotel.

  • Always keep your bag pack sealed in a plastic bag to prevent bed bugs from riding back to your home.

  • While checking out from the hotel, inspect your suitcase thoroughly to avoid these travel-savvy pests to enter your home.

  • Unpack your luggage in wash machineincluding the unworn clothes and wash it with hot water. After clothing ensures to keep the dryer at highest to kill the eggs or any bed bugs that may have hitched a ride home.

  • Before storing away your suitcase, vacuum it precisely for bed bugs control in your home. The only vacuum cannot eliminate the deep infestation, therefore use a sticky tape for picking up the bugs from holes or remote areas.

If you encounter these bloodsucking creatures, don't panic or paranoid. Stay calm or else you might ruin your own vacation. Don't get obsessed and start a bed bug search mission in your room for every night and avoid any bed bug or khatmal home treatment or use of khatmal killer medicine. This will only cause you restless nights, anxiety, depression and further health issues. They aren't the worst thing to happen or you can't stop travelling due to bug infestation fear. Travel happily with the above-mentioned tips or hire professional pest control service experts for bed bug prevention. This ensures your luggage to be bed bug-proof as well as prevent infestation from entering your sweet home.

HICARE experts make sure to check every seam and fold of your mattress or baggage to get every bed bug out, offering a thorough treatment. Insecticide penetration doesn't affect bed bug eggs. To deal with this, we provide a second round of bed bug treatment within 2 weeks that prevents bed bugs (khatmal or dhekun) from breeding in your home. You can also enquire for a quick visit by our trained and certified pest experts. HICARE offer best deals on pest solutions for residential and commercial properties.