Are you noticing more than acceptable amount of flies buzzing around your house lately? Well, you are not wrong; it’s this beautiful rainy season to be blamed! With so much moisture around and humid temperatures, it gives a perfect environmental condition for their breeding.

Flies aren’t harmful, but they are indeed very unpleasant and annoying at the same time when they invade your home. These flies are capable of spreading diseases like malaria, typhoid, cholera, dysentery and gastroenteritis.

Flies pick up bacteria from waste materials and garbage and transfer these bacteria from their feet to surfaces they sit on. They can sit anywhere; your food, clothes, face, hands etc. If thinking about this made you feel sick then imagine how it would be to see a group of these flies enjoying your food on the dining table? Terrible, isn’t it?

Hence, here are a few preventive measures you can take to keep those flies at bay this rainy season :

Dispose Waste regularly and at a proper place away from your house.

Keep the garbage bin covered at all times. Garbage is any fly’s favourite breeding spot, so diminish this to reduce their number. Ensure the garbage bin is always covered and there is an outer bag to add the trash in the can so that it doesn’t stick to the trash can, which attracts flies.

Cover your food always. Freshly cut fruits, cooked food, meat etc. attract flies a lot more than covered stuff. Hence, ensure all your food is covered at all times.

Keep indoor plants properly and trimmed well. Also ensure you do not over water them and discard any excess water or dead plant matter.

Maintain your pets. Make sure you give a regular bath to your pets and clean their waste properly. If they enter your house from outside, clean their paws which might bring in dirt that attracts mosquitoes.

Clean every area of the house with disinfectant. Clean all the corners of your house and working areas with a disinfectant solution. Focus majorly on areas like your kitchen, dining table, bathrooms etc. as these areas are mostly moist and act as a magnet to flies. Using chlorine based cleaners is best.

Using window nets is yet another measure to prevent flies from entering your house. Window screens not only stop the flies from invading your house but also help you enjoy the cool breeze at all times.

Using insect repellent sprays is one of the measures to keep those flies at bay. But one should make sure to keep the spray away from food and children.

Drain extra water from your house or room. Moisture is one of those things that flies love the most. Clean any drop of water in your room or shower and do not leave any wet clothes lying on the floor. Don’t leave any container of water open otherwise it will attract more flies.

Hope you take note of these points to prevent flies from entering your house and inviting all the risks of diseases they cause. Prevent to protect, today!

Monsoon is indeed the time for flies’ invasion. Know these flies’ prevention tips to safeguard your family and loved ones. After all, a healthy home makes a healthy YOU!

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